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May 17, 2011

Tokyo Presents First Half-Dozen Books For Manga Ban

imageANN has a straight-forward piece up on the first six manga named by the Tokyo Metropolitan for potential restriction under its controversial revised laws that burrow past pornography to works with troubling themes and storylines; Sankaku Complex has a similar piece more stridently and entertainingly written. It's kind of a horror show of a news story on a lot of levels, from a critic using paste-overs to make a work seem more extremely dirty to talk that controlling these works is necessary for social order. Both pieces point out how the disruption in business that comes with being named to the list can have an immediate and drastic impact on the work's publishing opportunities. There's also a significant element of "look what's happening" to it, which has a different tone than "look what may happen."

The books are Oku-sama wa Shogakusei [My Wife Is an Elementary Student], Seiji Matsuyama (Akita Shoten); Aki Sora, Masahiro Itosugi (Akita Shoten); Lovers & Sharing, Yashi Natsuba (Shobunkan); Koibito 8-go [Lover No. 8], Makoto Ojiro (Shonen Gahousha);
Hanamizawa Q-taro Jisenshu Hana-Hiyori, Q-taro Hanamizawa (Mediax) and Midori no Kisetsu [Blue-Green Season], Maako (Moerl).
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