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October 1, 2014

Totally Missed That Liza Donnelly Was A Thurber Prize Finalist; Prize Won Last Night By John Kenney

imageJohn Kenney beat out cartoonist and writer Liza Donnelly (for Women On Men and the writing team of Bruce McCall and David Letterman (for This Land Was Made For You And Me (But Mostly Me)) for this year's Thurber Prize for American Humor. Kenney won for his debut novel, the well-reviewed Truth In Advertising.

That is an an incredible honor for which to be nominated, and I wish I had caught it earlier to make a bigger deal out of it on Donnelly's behalf. Women On Men contained both cartoons and writing; it came out in late 2013 -- the year covered by this year's honor. Donnelly is one of only a handful of female prize nominees over the honor's history, and I believe is the only one whose nominated work contained cartoons, noteworthy because of the award's namesake.

The Thurber Prize brings with it a cash award of $5000. The sponsor of the award is the Thurber House non-profit in Columbus, Ohio; it is of course named after the essayist/humorist/cartoonist James Thurber.

Michael Cavna interviewed Donnelly day-of.
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