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January 30, 2019

Two Nice News Stories From The Billy Ireland

Comics is in a weird place in term of identifying what constitutes industry news, but a giant institutions making a couple of announcements always works. I was struck by two stories posted by the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum.

image* the first was Dr. Susan Kirtley winning this year's Lucy Shelton Caswell Research Award. Caswell is one of the great figures in the industry's last fifty years, anything that drives attention to the Billy as a research institution -- the role on which history will eventually judge it -- is a wonderful thing, and Kirtley is one of the foundational figure of comics' right-this-very-second through both her national organizing work for fellow academics and building her school's program out west. I am a fan of everything with a proper name in this story and can't wait to see what Kirtley does with the opportunity.

* the second story right there on their feed is that Ann Drozd is joining the staff at the Billy as museum coordinator, with a slew of cool-sounding responsibility. I don't know Drozd as well as I do Kirtley but anyone joining that staff is a big deal, and she's run programming at the Ann Arbor kids-focused show in impeccable fashion. I think she's going to be fantastic for the community in which I live and for the wider comics community.
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