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August 20, 2007

Updates on Various Comics Passings

* the Tulsa World has launched a memorial web site devoted to the late Doug Marlette, including a selection of his work. The World was I believe Marlette's last full-time employer.

image* a fine set of testimonials and a few pieces of art, including that one at left, on the passing of veteran British artist Phil Gascoine may be found here. I've had e-mail from three artists in the last 72 hours all mention in passing that Gascoine was a nice man, all unsolicited, something I've never seen before.

* our gathering of links into a Collective Memory related to the passing of artist Mike Wieringo, which hit the comics community one week ago, continues with, among others, a new round-up of creator testimonials at Newsarama, a sensitive report from the funeral by Jeff Parker and a nice tribute at
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