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August 31, 2007

Various Friday News Story Updates

* Reporters Sans Frontieres continues to monitor political reaction to the Swedish newspaper Nerikes Allehanda running the Lars Vilks cartoon of Muhammed with the body of a dog. Pakistan followed Iran in summoning a Swedish diplomat to receive their official protest, while the Organization of the Islamic Conference called for the cartoonist and editor to be punished.

* The banned Opus story heads into its second of two weekends where one eighth of the strip's client base decided not to run a pair of cartoons having a go at Islamic themes and humor. Editorials like these I think show just how confused the issues have become, and how easily they're manipulated to make a weak political point about biased media or to assert the general superiority of a certain culture. I mean, after you've vomited the notion up on the table that something about the confused reaction to the 2006 Danish Cartoons Controversy somehow means that nobody should ever do cartoons about Christians, either, do you go anywhere with that, or are you just making a strident point for the sake of making a strident point?

* The Chicago Reader follows up on some of their media beat coverage of the story with a full profile of Scott Nychay, the cartoonist whose paper entered him in contests and used the results for publicity after laying off the cartoonist.
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