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August 31, 2015

Warehouse Closure On December 1 May Result In A Massive October Cerebus Backstock Giveaway

imageDave Sim has announced the closure and sale of a warehouse in Leamington, Ontario that is keeping the remainder of his Cerebus single-issue backstock. In some cases this can involved over a thousand copies the individual issue. He talks about making an event of giving those books away, and some other potential outcomes, in this installment of his video series. I hope he gets what he wants out of it, and that people benefit by getting to read those comics, some of which I greatly enjoyed when they came out.

One thing this underlines, and it's something that's come up quite a bit the last two years or so, is that comics material being available and being taken care of over the years isn't a slam dunk; this takes some effort and capital and attention. Some of the models we have for publishing companies means that the interested players in some cases are fare less resource-loaded than others when it comes to keeping their work alive, in print, in circulation and so on. I had not thought about physical copies being a part of this as much as contracts and art and negatives and digital format upgrades, but of course there's a direct impact involved with the actual comics, too.
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