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March 10, 2008

Webcomics Economic Models Still In Flux

* I whiffed like Joe Shlabotnik on this story last week. It says that in addition to the buy-back that put Keenspot into the hands of Crosby Comics in change from its former two-entity split ownership, the company is also changing its revenue structure whereby the top potential revenue earners can solicit and keep more of the top advertising dollar which they earn. In response, at least one cartoonist has come back to the fold. It makes sense that there will frequently be change in economic models given the relative volatility of on-line markets and their still early collective earnings life, and making a change based on supporting successful properties in their attempt to go from receiving some money to receiving all the money they feel they deserve sounds smart to me on the surface of it.

* Leigh Walton notes that Achewood seems to be embracing a system of distributed patronage, even as at least one of its ramped-up book deals become wider knowledge (a partnership with Penny Arcade and Perry Bible Fellowship publisher Dark Horse Comics). This is interesting in that it's an older way of doing things. However, I think it's well suited to Achewood because of the sever affection with which his strip is regard by many thousands of its fans.

* Fantagraphics is now offering on-line only subscriptions to its legendary industry magazine The Comics Journal, and is offering a look at the most recent issue in its entirety in hopes of enticing some of you to try it out.
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