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February 8, 2007

What I Liked About That Marvel Dark Tower Midnight Madness Promotion

While it seems to me without having dug into it deeply that Marvel controlled information in order to make their Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born comic seem more like a Stephen King original event than it's turned out to be, that some of the press points were ludicrous (Marvel as bastion of diversity), that gateway comics are a personal thing that only exist in retrospect and may be far less important than a consumer building to a critical mass of works they enjoy in a medium, that I have achingly low levels of interest in the comic itself, and that the midnight release event taking place Wednesday AM sounds like a modest happening rather than a madhouse (I'm sure cold weather above the Mason Dixon line didn't help there), I'm still encouraged on some level that Marvel tried something that hadn't been done before that I can remember in order to drive attention to the comic shops that serve their products. I'm not sure why this seems like a positive, but it does.
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