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May 18, 2006

Windbag Pundit Calls For Cartoon Firing

I'm not really sure who "Bill O'Reilly" is, but I'm guessing from the single-name "O'Reilly" in the headline it's assumed I do. From the article I'm going to conjecture he's one of those thin-lipped, skilled in a professional wrestling interview sense, sit-down political pundits that also sells books with his face and/or the American flag on it, a pretty common public personality that people for some unknown reason tend to take deathly seriously.

At any rate, this Mr. O'Reilly seems to think University of Oregon President Dave Frohnmayer should resign for not shutting down a student-funded campus newspaper that published cartoons brutally satirizing Jesus Christ. This is much more interesting than it might have a couple of years ago because such on-campus battles about cartoons now have a context -- the Danish cartoons controversy. The thought that the issues of free speech and journalistic responsibility raised by last winter's events might find purchase on college campuses is rather scary, though.

thanks to Aaron Ragan-Fore
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