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December 12, 2004

Go, Look: Comics and Public Art

I'm not sure what got me stuck on these things this week, but I was surprised by how little public comics-related art there is, even if you stretch the parameters of what you'll consider "public art." I expected to find a whole lot of things like random murals of the Piranha Club and statues of The Spectre or whatever. But this is most of what I could find:
Gil Roth's Account and Photos of the Tintin Tunnel Art in Brussels

Cheech Wizard's Enduring Legacy

Another Potential Character Slated for Graffiti Revival a Generation from Now

Photos of Peanuts Statues in Minneapolis/St. Paul

Photos of Dr. Seuss Statues in Springfield

Rowland Emett's Public Cartoon Map and Studies of its Components

Publicity from the Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum

Photo of the Superman Statue in Metropolis, Illinois

Photo of the Popeye Statue in Chester, Illinois

The Macy's Spider-Man balloon shows up only once a year, but since John Romita Sr. aided in the original design, I'll put it up here.

Awesome-looking El Santo Statue/Gravestone (he was probably in some comics, right?)

Adventures of Garfield "Don't Lift My Medallion" Statue

And of course, the only thing anyone will remember about comics three hundred years from now...

And while it's certainly none of my business, in a way, I'd love to know about any interesting cartoonist gravestones, if anyone out there has this knowledge and is willing to share it in our letters column or where I could link to it. And does anyone have pictures of the Phantom amusement park near Stockholm, or is that a folk tale?
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