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August 4, 2013

Young Cartoonists…


* Phoebe Gloeckner turned 20 the year her work appeared in Young Lust.
* John Porcellino turned 20 the year King-Cat Comix And Stories #1 came out.

* Barry Windsor-Smith turned 21 the year Conan The Barbarian #1 came out.
* Adrian Tomine turned 21 the year Optic Nerve #1 came out from Drawn and Quarterly.
* Dave Sim turned 21 the year Cerebus #1 came out.
* Gerry Conway turned 21 the year Gwen Stacy died.
* Hergé was 21 when the first Tintin story began to be serialized.

* Frank Miller turned 22 the year Daredevil #158 came out
* Jaime Hernandez turned 22 the year Love and Rockets #1 (self-published) came out.
* Michael DeForge turned 22 the year Lose #1 came out.
* Lynda Barry turned 22 the year Ernie Pook's Comeek first appeared in newspapers.
* Bill Sienkiewicz turned 22 the year Moon Knight #1 came out.
* Noah Van Sciver turned 22 the year Blammo #1 came out.
* Garry Trudeau was 22 the day the first nationally syndicated Doonesbury strip was out.

* Will Eisner turned 23 the year The Spirit first appeared.
* Bill Mauldin was 23 years old when he won the Pulitzer Prize.
* R.O. Blechman turned 23 the year The Juggler of Our Lady was published.
* Frank Santoro turned 23 the year Storeyville came out.
* Eddie Campbell turned 23 the year he created the first Alec short stories.
* Craig Thompson turned 23 the year Goodbye, Chunky Rice came out.

* Gilbert Hernandez turned 24 the year Love and Rockets #1 (self-published) came out.
* Jack Kirby turned 24 the year Captain America #1 came out.
* Kate Beaton turned 24 the year she started uploading cartoons onto the Internet.
* Scott McCloud turned 24 the year Zot! #1 came out.

* Moebius turned 25 the year Lt. Blueberry first appeared in Pilote.
* R. Crumb turned 25 the year Zap #1 came out.
* Dan Clowes turned 25 the year Lloyd Llewellyn #1 came out.
* Julie Doucet turned 25 the year Dirty Plotte #1 came out.
* Tom Hart turned 25 the year Hutch Owen's Working Hard came out.

* Chris Ware turned 26 the year ACME Novelty Library #1 came out.
* Chris Onstad was 26 when the first Achewood appeared on-line.
* Jason Lutes turned 26 the year that Jar Of Fools began serialization.
* Steve Gerber turned 26 the year that Howard The Duck made his first appearance.
* Milton Caniff was 26 when the first Dickie Dare appeared.
* Chester Brown turned 26 the year the first Yummy Fur from Vortex came out.

* Bill Griffith turned 27 the year the first Zippy comic appeared.
* John Byrne turned 27 the year X-Men #108 came out.
* Grant Morrison turned 27 the year Zenith first appeared.
* Charles Schulz was 27 the first day Peanuts appeared in newspapers.
* Bill Watterson was 27 the first day Calvin and Hobbes appeared in newspapers.
* Emily Carroll was 27 when she posted "His Face All Red."

* Jeffrey Brown turned 28 the year Clumsy came out.
* Harvey Kurtzman turned 28 the year MAD #1 came out.
* Peter Bagge turned 28 the year Neat Stuff #1 came out.

* Alan Moore turned 29 the year the first chapter of V For Vendetta was serialized.
* Seth turned 29 the year Palooka-ville #1 was published.

* Steve Bell turned 30 the year If... first started appearing in the Guardian.
* Dori Seda turned 30 the year her first comic appeared in Weirdo.

* Ralph Steadman turned 34 the year "The Kentucky Derby Is Decadent And Depraved" came out in Scanlan's.

I know that not all of these are first comics, and sometimes not even the first publication of those comics, but they were the ones I was thinking about.
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