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January 6, 2014

Your 2014 Angouleme Grand Prix Short List


According to this, the next Grand Prix winner at Angouleme will be one of these people.

* Binet
* Christophe Blain
* Charles Burns
* Pierre Christin
* Daniel Clowes
* Richard Corben
* Cosey
* Etienne Davodeau
* Nicolas de Crécy
* Edika
* Emmanuel Guibert
* Hermann
* Alejandro Jodorowsky
* Manu Larcenet
* Milo Manara
* Lorenzo Mattotti
* Alan Moore
* Katsuhiro Otomo
* Quino
* Marjane Satrapi
* Joann Sfar
* Jiro Taniguchi
* Jean Van Hamme
* Chris Ware
* Bill Watterson

I like nearly all of those cartoonists. I've always seen Ware, Sfar, Blain and Satrapi as obvious future recipients and have always been sort of baffled that Mattotti and Taniguchi haven't been named already (Mattotti because he's Mattotti; Taniguchi because it seemed like they were seriously flirting with Taniguchi for several years there). Ditto Cosey now that I take a second look at the list. But seriously almost none of these names would surprise me. That is one fusty, odd process. I look forward to any tweeting Trondheim might do.

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