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May 16, 2016

Your 2016 Doug Wright Award Winners


Michael DeForge, Dakota McFadzean and Patrick Kyle all won at the 2016 Doug Wright Awards, held Saturday evening in Toronto in conjunction with Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF). It's a repeat win for Deforge; McFadzean and Kyle picked up their first Doug Wright awards.

The DWAs honor the best in Canadian cartooning, and are a standard Saturday night event at the Festival.

James Simpkins, the late creator of Jasper the bear and a prolific gag-panel cartoonist, was inducted into the Giants Of The North Hall Of Fame. The awards program cited Jasper, the length of Simpkins' career and the cartoonist's success with a licensing program built around Jasper. The cartoonist's daughter accepted the award.

The DWAs are named after Doug Wright, the Canadian cartoonist behind Doug Wright's Family. He died back in 1983. The program bearing his name was formed in 2004.

My understanding is that North Carolina resident and great fan of all things Canadian Dustin Harbin was a last-minute hosting addition, and performed more than ably with Betty Liang running the show on the ground.

Alvin Buenaventura and Darwyn Cooke were remembered.

Winners in bold:



* Dressing, Michael DeForge (Koyama Press)
* Melody, Sylvie Rancourt (Drawn & Quarterly)
* Palookaville #22, Seth (Drawn & Quarterly)
* Step Aside, Pops!, Kate Beaton (Drawn & Quarterly)
* Stroppy, Marc Bell (Drawn & Quarterly)
* SuperMutant Magic Academy, Jillian Tamaki (Drawn & Quarterly)



* Ted Gudlat for Funny Ha-Has (Roads Publishing)
* Dakota McFadzean for Don't Get Eaten By Anything (Conundrum Press)
* Rebecca Roher for Mom Body (The Nib)
* Sabrina Scott for Witchbody (Self-Published)
* Kat Verhoeven for Towerkind (Conundrum Press)



* Leather Vest by Michael Comeau
* New Comics #6-7 by Patrick Kyle
* Intelligent Sentient? by Luke Ramsey (Drawn & Quarterly)
* We Are Going To Bremen To Be Musicians by Tin Can Forest and Geoff Berner
* Agalma by Stanley Wany (Éditions Trip)


Jury statements have been made available here.

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