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February 9, 2006

Your Daily Danish Cartoons Update

* Ed Cunard writes in to remind us that NPR's Talk of the Nation will cover the story today. I'll post a direct link tomorrow, but you might be able to catch it today on your local station or through the site link later today.

* As of this morning there's a protest of about 2000 muslims in Bangladesh, and a ceremony in Lebanon turned into a big protest.

image* There is a lot of political writing out there, from both the sorting-out-the-issues and offering-up-opinions camps. Today's top story in any category is probably Condoleeza Rice's charge that Iran and Syria are fomenting the protests for political advantage. There's a lot to go around, though. Danish Imams continue to be blamed for instigating the whole matter. Blink and you might have missed a story about the European Union considering a "voluntary" media code. A more slowly developing story tells how an Egyptian paper published several of the images months ago without reprisal, then or now. The bottom of this BBC piece provides a solid summary of the fake cartoon controversy. An editorial writer at National Review brings up John Kenneth Galbraith's cat.

* In boycott news, South African muslims step up with a call to join those seeking economic reprisals against Denmark.

* In the journalism ethics wing, Jyllands-Posten has decided that publishing an Iranian's papers Holocaust cartoons isn't going to happen. US newspaper editors are at their desks praying for multiple celebrity pregnancy stories or whatever else it will take not to have to make a decision on publishing the offending cartoons. Editor & Publisher looks at a Wyoming paper's decision to publish the offending works.

* Wait! What about Denmark's institutionalized celebrity family/tourism magnets?

* In the cartoonists making comment file, the wire services have been running comments from Chappatte for a couple of days now. You can find a run of editorial cartoons on the matter through Daryl Cagle's site. Cagle has been blogging on the topic, and has written a column about it. Joe Kubert contributes to this opinion piece.

* Speaking of cartoonists, K. Thor Jensen wrote in to say that he'd been threatened in the past apparently because of religious objections, something I didn't know about. He also sent me a link to his take on the current story, an explicit drawing of George Bush having sex with Muhammed. This offends even me -- but I bet you see a lot of this kind of thing in the months ahead in the alternative press. You've been warned.

* The Daily Show, America's favorite news-substitute, weighs in with the help of gifted comics mimic R. Sikoryak.

* Finally, the L.A. Times takes a long look at how some Danes are taking this opportunity to look inward.
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