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February 26, 2006

Your Daily Danish Cartoons Update

* Yes, this again.

* The following are links to news of protests, political developments, economic boycotts, cartoonist reaction and editorial decision-making that can be linked back to Denmark's Jyllands-Posten newspaper publishing 12 cartoons featuring the Prophet Muhammed last Fall.

image* The most interesting story to develop over the weekend -- and by develop I mean has finally reached my attention -- has to do with the cartoon at right. Clicking on the image will take you to a directory of the full story by the cartoonist Ville Ranta. Since publishing this on the web site of the magazine Kaltio, a pair of that magazine's commercial sponsors objected, the editorial board agreed with the objections, the magazine has since closed down the site, fired the person responsible, and there are claims that Ranta's since lost other work. If I'm getting that all correctly, it's really unecessary and horrible. Everybody please hire Ville Ranta.

Okay, since I went to bed and woke up the story hit the Finnish press.

* Not much in the way of protests, but lots of feature-y and analysis articles, like this one on how Danish companies are finding their way through the problems presented by the widespread boycott.

* There are still international journalistic issues that need sorting out. There's a call for an editor to be suspended in Malaysia. Heck, another Malaysian paper may suspend its editor for running a Wiley Miller Non-Sequitur cartoon that obliquely references the whole matter, which has to be a lot less cool to explain to your neighbors why you have time to do some daytime grocery shopping and pick up the kids from school. In good news, Canadians opted for the non-depressing option by deciding not to prosecute newspaper editors for hate crimes.

* Editorial and strip cartoonist Scott Stantis weighs in. And remember back on the first day when we linked to Tim Cavanaugh at Reason suggesting that the benefits to dialogue might be worth it? Okay, trust me, we did. Anyway, here's another article in support of that notion.

* Nerd Jihad '06 continues.

* Here's a story on negative Muslim reaction to a bounty on cartoonists' heads, which in this mess counts as "feel good." All joking aside, that's a refreshingly positive story.
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