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September 22, 2009

Your Danish Cartoons Hangover Update

* I feel I have to be careful when I discuss things like the Yale University Press decision to drop all depictions of Muhammad including the Danish cartoons from a book about the Danish cartoons because much of the criticism arises from an element of conservative North American politics I don't trust right now in terms playing fair with rhetoric. I can't imagine agreeing with any of the criticisms of multiculturalism in this book, but it's hard to defend that point of view as long as people are making idiotic decisions regarding how to process the Danish Muhammad cartoons and the resulting period of riots, death, economic boycotts and political turmoil that followed.

* all that said, I don't see any reason why I can't join this writer in a big ol' "Huh?" when it comes to reconciling famed Danish cartoonist and one-time proven assassination plot target Kurt Westergaard appearing on Yale's campus October 1 with the claims that the cartoons were kept out of the Yale University Press book in order to keep students safe from violence. If security is such a paramount concern they're editing academic textbooks, why do that visit at all?

* here's a letter that starts by saying that the decision by publisher and author not to run the cartoons in the forthcoming book isn't censorship but is still deeply unfortunate. I agree with both assertions.
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