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March 6, 2014

Your Lambda Literary Award Graphic Novel Finalists


Kevin Melrose has his usual smart write-up here on graphic novel category finalists for June's Lambda Literary Awards. It's the first time for that category, although as Melrose notes No Straight Lines won an anthology award last year. The finalists are:

* Artifice, Alex Woolfson And Winona Nelson (AMW Comics)
* Calling Dr. Laura: A Graphic Memoir, Nicole J. Georges (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)
* Duck! Second Chances, Tana Ford (Bang A Left)
* The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein Story, Vivek J. Tiwary And Andrew C. Robinson And Kyle Baker And Steve Dutro (Dark Horse/M Press)

It looks they were drawn from a longer list published here. Those books not making it were:

* #Gezi Park, Beldan Sezen (Double Hook Press)
* Anything That Loves, Charles "Zan" Christensen (Northwest Press)
* Big Is Better, Song (Bruno Gmuender)
* Blue Is The Warmest Color, Julie Maroh (Arsenal Pulp Press)
* But You Like Really Dated?!: The Celebropedia of Hollywood Hookups, Ryan Casey (HarperCollins/It Books)
* Flutter, Written by Jennie Wood, Art by Jeff McComsey (215 Ink)
* Gun Street Girl, Barb Lien-Cooper, Ryan Howe (Bedazzled Ink Publishing Company/Nuance)
* I TXT Sarah, Keniro Miller (Lethe Press)
* Kyle's Bed & Breakfast: Hot Off the Griddle, Greg Fox, (Sugar Maple Press)
* Secret Agent Moscow: Part One -- Goodbye, Natasha, Jennifer Jigour (Walkabout Designs LLC)
* So Super Duper, Brian Andersen (So Super Duper Comics)
* Soulless: The Manga, Vol. 3, Gail Carriger, illustrated by Rem (Yen Press)
* Spider Teeth: Wherein Our Protagonist Flies to Thailand to Get a Brand New Cunt, Ellie June Navidson (Self-Published)

I suppose it's worth noting the absence of the Maroh work from the final list, given its fans over here even before a movie version that has done well. That movie version has been controversial, but it is quite different than the original material and you wouldn't think one would have an effect on the opinion of the other. I don't know the culture of these awards to know what's most likely, even. It's also possible that there was no effect at all.

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