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July 4, 2007

Your (Not Always) Comics News Briefs

* has a short article up by Didier Pasamonik indicating that the Paris store Le Monte en l'air has recently received some unwanted attention and even pressure from local police for a poster in their window expressing support for the family of Lamine Dieng.

* There are not one but two stories out there this morning about cartoonists and their eyesight. George Zaleski retires due to declining eyesight; Mervyn Meredith may lose his ability to see due to a hiccup in funding for a potential treatment.

* It somehow escaped my attention that Joann Sfar is adapting Antoine de Saint-Exupery's The Little Prince into comics form for a line of similar adaptations. Unless my lousy French is stabbing me behind the kneecap, which is entirely possible.

* Rumors swirl (well, one tiny swirl) that this month's Comic-Con International is already sold out for some of its days.

* Christopher Noxon's "rejuvenile" formulation gets another workout, including the required comic book collector mention. I'm not sure what to make of aged comic book collectors being at the heart of a national cultural trend rather than standing as the complete opposite of cultural anything, but the general argument seems to have some merit.

* AnimeExpo drew a record number of attendees, despite a move to a smaller facility and the fact that last year's attendance was driven by an appearance by the creative collective CLAMP. According to this brief from, one of the ways they managed the smaller facility was via satellite events.
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