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March 15, 2010

Your We Could And Then We Couldn’t Buy Huge Books On-Line Super-Cheap For A Few Days Update

* one thing that occurs throughout this period of inordinate attention paid to's inability to process code from Diamond and the cheap books that were offered and then not-offered is that there's probably a place for a Ben's Bargains-type site related to comics or, more generally, to geek stuff. I would add such a site to my RSS feed, and I don't buy a lot of stuff.

* publishers Chris Pitzer (AdHouse) and Dan Vado (SLG) offer up responses to the stripping of buy buttons while Amazon sees to everything being fixed. What's interesting is that between the two of them you get a full range of reactions or at least pretty close to one.

* this article at the comics business news and analysis site suggests that the comeback in terms of fully functioning listings may take a bit longer than initially expected, and that the full impact of the temporary sales rush has yet to be fully figured out. Fair enough.
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