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January 2, 2014

100 Comics Positives For 2013: Grant Morrison Ends His Batman Run


I haven't really figured out what I value about the run of Batman comics that writer Grant Morrison completed this year. I made a decision about five years ago that unless I'm in a comics shop and just want to support a comics shop, any superhero comics I read will be borrowed or purchased for less than $1 a pop. So I only have about half of those comics, mostly purchased from a local thrift shop. They read really well that way, actually, these comics that at first read like more modern grim-faced Batman stuff but have some sort of weird element to them that make them a little slimy to touch, a little slippery to grasp, a little too odd to put down and immediately forget. I suspect that they will be seen as an exploration of a specific commercial comics expression of a type with his New X-Men run and its bow and sweep in the direction of 1970s and 1980s Chris Claremont-written comics, except with Batman the canvas is much larger because he's Batman. I also think there's probably something of interest there in that like the X-Men stuff but more intensely the Batman material came out at a time of some relative instability in terms of the general narrative and direction of the parent company.

At any rate, I think Morrison is a superior writer of these kinds of books, so I'll always pay attention to where he wants to spend his time the same way you follow a quality Shakespearean actor as he goes from Macbeth to Hamlet to Lear. Ending this year, the role Morrison played involved the Batcave. Not a bad place to hang out.
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