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Michael Grabowski On Laundry Land As A Habit-Changer For Alt-Comics Consumers
posted January 27, 2019

I feel the need to echo what you said about that particular comic.

Up 'til then I bought just about every traditionally sized non-Eros Fantagraphics comic and liked most of them -- including Scott Russo's Jizz -- but flipping through Laundry Land just deadened me. I didn't buy it so I don't remember what it was about it, and I'm probably being unfair to it, but at a glance it just seemed to lack any and every bit of instant visual appeal present in just about any other solo comic FBI was publishing back then. Though I didn't then become the disciplined shopper you did, it did start to make me more selective.

I think it even got called out in your & Michael Dean's book.