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Jim Salicrup On Russ Heath’s Last Comics Works
posted August 27, 2018

Nice piece on my late friend Russ Heath, by my old friend Steve Ringgenberg. But I must quibble with this bit: Heath's last work in comics took the form of covers he did for the Aardvark-Vanaheim comic Glamourpuss. That series, according to the link posted, ended in 2012. The attached variant cover (penciled, inked, and hand-colored) by Russ for TALES FROM THE CRYPT (the short-lived Super Genius incarnation) #1 was published in November 2016, and drawn that year as well. I’m not sure if even that is Russ’s last comics work, as I think he did a variant cover for a project published by Drew Ford.

Russ was a great guy, and I dearly miss him.

Tom Spurgeon Responds: We regret the error.