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The Comics Reporter Planned Convention And Festival Schedule For 2014
posted January 15, 2014


This will almost certainly change, but I wanted a place to send people.

I hope to attend and cover ECCC, MoCCA, Linework NW, WonderCon, TCAF, HeroesCon, Comic-Con International, SPX, ICAF and if there's a CAB then CAB.

If Short Run isn't on a holiday weekend -- and it should be on a holiday weekend, I think that works best for them -- I'll try to get to that. I'd also like to do CAKE and SPACE, and maybe one of the shows out of North America this Fall if everything goes really well. If Robert Loss does another MIX, I'd like to be in the audience for that one.

If things don't go particularly well, I could see a version of this that is TCAF, Heroes, Comic-Con, SPX, ICAF. Or even smaller.

Another reasons for making this a resource post is I never got the chance to run any of these cool photos my brother Whit took of a fun Prince Valiant panel I got to be on in 2012.