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Comics Fans and Readers: Send Tom Feedback

All e-mails to will be considered as intended for publication unless otherwise noted.

Comics Companies and Creators: Send Tom Comics for Review

I'm happy to take comics any way you'd like to send them. I'm happy with PDFs; I prefer hard copies. I can work from Xeroxes; I prefer the actual books. I'm happy to download material if I'm given explicit instructions on how to do so.

Let me be clear yet hopefully respectful: You don't need to ask my permission or solicit my okay to send me comics. That's what I'm here for. I welcome any and all expressions of comics or representations of same. In that spirit, I don't want to dialogue with you about potential reviews. That is a waste of time for both of us and if I feel I'm being worked, i'm no longer able to review the work fairly. I'm also not a mailing service. If you want to know if I received something, send it media rate with delivery confirmation. (There are certainly exceptions, such as really expensive books or something I requested.) We're all professionals here. Trust me to do my job and I'll trust you to do yours. I want to spend that time on the reviewing of your great comics.

Publicists and Creators: Send Tom News of Forthcoming Releases and Significant Events

If it helps you coordinate your coverage, CR posts its major interviews on Sunday, mentions of fundraisers and crowd-funding opportunities on Monday, publishing news on Tuesday, a piece on that week's comics releases to the Direct Market on Wednesday, a column on convention news on Thursday and web/digital news on Friday.

If you want to embargo a news story, I'm happy to listen, but please arrange it in advance as opposed to just declaring something embargoed. It's not really embargoed until I agree that it is, and I'm happy to publish anything I did not agree to embargo.

Please remember that the primary driver for CR is its image-driven link blog. If you're not sending a link to something, you may not receive coverage. If you're not sending or otherwise making accessible an image, you may not receive ideal coverage.

Editors and Publishers: Hire Tom to Write for You

I'm really not as bad as this crabby post makes me sound.
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