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January 1, 2014

100 Comics Positives For 2013: Joseph Hughes Saves ComicsAlliance


Editing a successful comics and comics-culture news site is a difficult enough gig without being asked mid-stream to find a new publishing arrangement for the entire enterprise, but that's what Joe Hughes of ComicsAlliance did in one of the truly heroic publishing stories of the year. The popular AOL site was apparently not the kind of popular that allows a gigantic mega-corporation to squeeze more money out of the world because of a sleek and harmonious profile of what they do -- or something, I start vomiting when I try to figure this stuff out -- so Hughes found a new place for CA with a more Internet content-friendly concern. I will be honest: I did not think this was possible when I heard the attempt would be made. The end result is a) more ComicsAlliance, b) a bunch of us are all super-intimidated by Joe now.
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