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January 1, 2014

100 Comics Positives For 2013: SPX Made Lemonade


This isn't one that would have occurred to me as a positive, but a bunch of folks mentioned it via e-mail and I'm a listener. SPX experienced a disastrous -- for a show that depends on the good will of the small press community -- initial sign-up period marked by an interest so intense it throttled the traditional channels for signing up at the essentially non-curated show. They worked through the difficulties as best they could, they did not assume the comics-industry defensive crouch and start yelling about unfair treatment at the hands of those complaining, and they worked out the best solution they could, including opening up the show for a bunch more exhibitors. This came at a definite risk in terms of upsetting a fruitful balance between attendee and exhibitor that's marked the show the last half decade. While there was some grumbling in that direction, for the most part the 2013 show vibe was positive, and marked by that enormous number of new exhibitors on hand and big lines for legitimate heavy-hitters like cartoonist Jeff Smith and Congressman turned comics-maker John Lewis. In December, the Expo announced a mostly-lottery system designed to diminish the hassle of signing up while keep the show's ethos of non-curated access.
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