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January 3, 2014

100 Comics Positives For 2013: WonderCon In Anaheim


I know that WonderCon moving from the Bay Area to Anaheim was a big bummer for a lot of people for whom that was their local, big, funnybook convention, but it's ridiculous that the show wasn't a bigger priority for facility managers and my own experiences trying to get some bare minimum answer out of those people as to why there wasn't more flexibility working with such a long-running event was frustrating enough all by itself that I wanted to own a SF-based con just so I could move it elsewhere. It's important that as cons and festivals grow they gravitate to the most favorable deals; they deserve to -- they're good events. I'm also glad that if there's going to be a big Spring show that close to Los Angeles, that it's Comic-Con that's running it as opposed to an aggressive -- and potentially crass -- start-up. So I consider this a positive. I hope to attend the 2014 version, back in Anaheim, for apparently the same basic reason.
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