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September 24, 2010

A Few Notes On Molly Norris' Situation

* first of all, I don't know any decent person that doesn't support Molly Norris, that doesn't feel terrible about her situation, that actually think it's a good thing that she's worried about being harmed and is being intimidated into hiding because she made a cartoon about the portrayal of Muhammed. Suggesting that someone out there does feel that away, let alone that a lot of people do, just seems like cheap, low-level sensationalism.

* second, shame on any journalistic organization, employer or public official within Norris' district that does not extend her the additional support those relationships and their resources call for and bring.

* third, I think it's pretty clear that the vast majority of those who might wish Norris harm or to intimidate her are working a political point more than they operating out of some incredibly wrongheaded and intolerable religious idea.

* fourth, can we be put a moratorium on saying Norris has been threatened "by Muslims"? That's like saying someone's been threatened "by left-handed people." They're just not organized that way. Norris was put on a specific, highly-publicized list by a specific imam named Anwar al-Awlaki.

* fifth, the main threat posed by her being on that list isn't some planned commando operation directed by al-Awlaki, but that some moron out there will take it upon himself to fulfill the mandates of the imam's list for some disturbed reason related to religious belief or for simply wanting to get some of that sweet, sweet publicity for themselves. Cut the FBI enough slack here.

* sixth, we should all be clear that it's almost certain that Norris made the imam's list not for this expression of her ideas but because folks turned her expression into a Facebook campaign that garnered a lot of attention despite Norris wishing to be disassociated from it. Nice job, you dumbasses.

* seventh, I don't feel compelled to do so, but if anyone out there would like to do something other than write a post or a column complaining about lack of support and provide Norris some of that support via, say, raising money for her,

I wish Molly Norris an uneventful and creatively fulfilling life filled to the brim with feelings of security and safety. I'm sorry this happened to you.
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