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November 5, 2012

Several Sandy-Related Comics Updates

There isn't a ton of news to report in terms of super-storm Sandy aftermath that relates directly to comics-makers, but there are a bunch of intriguing stories here and there.

image* the good folks at Drawn And Quarterly remind that Adrian Tomine did this week's New Yorker cover.

* as noted last week, the Brooklyn Comics And Graphics Festival is pushing forward. Their basic approach seems based on a widely-held belief that any regional travel difficulties will have more than ironed themselves out enough by end of week for a show like that to come off. They're lucky enough to be held in a part of the city where there was little in the way of direct, physical damage. If there's to be any hassle, it will probably be in shipping for various exhibitors, so I hope that any of you in attendance are forgiving if someone shows up without a promised book to sell.

* the capriciousness of the storm has a bunch of folks still looking in with concern on people like Tony Shenton, Evan Dorkin and Mike Dawson. Evan and Sarah tweeted out and at least in Evan's case e-mailed some people on Saturday afternoon/evening when power was restored on a battered Staten Island. Again, there's no reason to assume that any of these folks will continue to suffer any serious difficulties beyond the obvious, but you never know, and it's nice to see the level of concern from readers and colleagues.

* Seth Tobocman has been making fliers: here and here. I'll try to stick one of those at the bottom of this post.

image* I'm still enjoying these Kate Beaton tweeted sketch-comics on her experiences post-storm.

* a not-comics link: people don't blog the way they did five years ago, but if you poke around there's some pretty good essay-writing going on out there about the power outages, gas lines and food concerns.

* in a non-comics sense -- that's different than a not-comics sense -- it seems worth noting that it was apparently a terrible storm for art more generally.

* Lisa Hanawalt tweets a commonly held opinion, or at least one I'm hearing from people.

* Sarah Becan cautions us to take the whole affair seriously, particularly in terms of the food supply.

* Marvel's Stephen Wacker is looking on the bright side.

* Mile High Comics is instituting a free comics program for victims of the storm.

* the twitter accounts for major retailers like JHU and Midtown have provided a glimpse into the very matter-of-fact way Manhattan businesses have dealt with any disruption in their businesses.

* finally, Art For Sandy Relief sounds like it should be a good thing.

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