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November 7, 2012

A Flurry Of Post-Election Day Editorial Cartooning Links

* Rob Tornoe presents the presidential campaign in an editorial cartoon slideshow. I think just about every paper with a cartoonist should have thought about a similar feature on their front web site page this past Sunday.

* speaking of such cartoons, did anyone see a cartoon from Tornoe or anyone else that really struck them as the cartoon of this past US presidential election? Because I'm drawing a blank, to the point where I couldn't even guess the subject of such a cartoon, the way I bet in '88 one of the Dukakis in a tank cartoons was pretty funny and telling. I'm not suggesting at all that the cartooning wasn't good this season, just that I don't know if any single cartoon captured the zeitgeist.

* I'm not at all familiar with David Trumble's work, but I did like that he walks through a bunch of the cartoons he did for various potential results in 2008. I'm not sure that a lot of cartoonists do that many completed cartoons, but I bet they do at least some sketching out of different possibilities.

* a sane reader, many more of whom would be nice, asks his local paper -- the editorial cartooning tradition-rich St. Louis Post-Dispatch -- for a local editorial cartoonist. I think cartoonists can still be a valuable thing for a newspaper when used to maximum effect.

* Zapiro suggests that a lot more cartoons are become rage-filled, which is an interesting take on things even if only applied to the South African market from which he works.

* here's a round-up of Obama victory cartoons from the various Cagle on-line syndicate cartoonists. Those are always pretty fascinating in terms of what connects individual cartoons. As I mentioned yesterday, two of my main follows this election season were Matt Bors and Tom Toles, both of whom had amusing cartoons up this morning.
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