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June 21, 2012

Ali Ferzat Profiled, Filmed Drawing, Releases New Cartoon

It's hard not to get a little choked up to see the Syrian cartoonist Ali Ferzat draw in this video over at the Guardian. Pro-government thugs assaulted Ferzat last summer and tried to end his ability to draw, a talent that he was putting to service criticizing the increasingly embattled regime. He has since continued that work. The continuing horrible events in that country have kept Ferzat in the news. Here's a profile; here's a new cartoon.

I've since watched the entire video, and I hope you will, too. I thought it was really good. I found it moving. There's something about how ebullient he is about the effect his art can have, and also how witty and urbane he seems in general in contrast to his treatment in the incident last year. Ferzat goes from describing his beating in matter-of-fact details -- the one that always kills me is they used the word "masters" -- to describing the tough road back and the attention he receives as an honor. An honor. He apparently still suffers from what sounds like nerve damage.
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