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December 13, 2011

Analysts Weigh In On November 2011 DM Numbers

The comics business news and analysis site has offered up their usual array of lists, estimates and analysis regarding the performance of comic books and graphic novels in the Direct Market of comic and hobby shops, this time for November 2011.

image* Overview
* Analysis
* Top 300 Comic Books
* Top 300 Graphic Novels

My favorite numbers cruncher John Jackson Miller at The Comics Chronicles has completed his analysis of the month here.

I'm an amateur when it comes to staring at sales estimates and making shoe-banged-on-the-podium arguments about what it all means; I'm not sure those are admirable skills even if you do have them. It does sort of look like the market is beginning to return to earlier structures. Marvel has nine books in the top twenty-five comic books and Miller says more comic books in the top 300. The overall market share charts that last month probably caused Marvel executives to see if they could fire a few more people are competitive once again. DC is indeed continuing to outpace Marvel at the top end with the best-received of its relaunched titles. If you get to about comic #25 you still look at the sales level and go, "Huh." Well, at least I do -- 58,000 for a strong-selling comic book doesn't seem like a ton of books to me.

DC's strength with trades sees the Lee Bermejo Batman book Noel do well. There's a big difference between being able to report "DC also wins..." as opposed to "DC's sole bright spot..." I would think. Anyway, I find that cover super-odd, but that Joker book Bermejo drew that came out the summer of the last Batman movie sold I think ten kabillion copies.

In the PR he sent out alerting folks to his sales analysis, Miller suggests that the dollar boost in trade paperbacks remains a mystery: "I can't quite find where the dollar boost came from in TPBs this month -- units remained the same -- so either there are some big ticket items moving in the long tail, or, more likely, there's some promotion with heavy discounts on hardcovers -- that would show up in the dollars, but not in units..."
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