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June 22, 2009

More Staff Departures From Wizard?

From the time I got word of the first one of these to the time I was able to post it on this site, I received word of a second personnel change at the comic-book based entertainment company:

* this first one's less clear than usual: I'm told that Kate Napolitano, Managing Editor of ToyFare, may have given her notice on Friday, with a date of departure as yet unknown. Napolitano is a more recent hire -- I believe 2008 -- and may have worked in other positions higher up the chain as staff needs required between formal stints at ToyFare.

* the same sources are reporting this morning that designer Jairo Leon was fired on Sunday evening. Former Wizard employee Steve Hoveke, who was barred from Wizard's Philadelphia show on Saturday morning, speculates. Someone wrote in that Leon is the company's last in-house designer, which sounds potentially dire.

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