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April 25, 2007

Are There Fewer Mini-Comics Now?

Although I see the anecdotal, relative dearth of mini-comics at last weekend's Alternative Press Expo as just as much a sign of that show's changing culture, a reflection of what sells in the Internet-accessible world, and a swing upwards in homemade crafts just about everywhere as I do a referendum on the state of the mini, it makes perfect sense to me if there are fewer mini-comics being created than there used to be. I would imagine that a lot of the energy that used to go into making some kinds of mini-comics now goes into putting such comics on-line. That seems obvious in the way that blogs had a definite but unquantifiable effect on a certain kind of prose-driven 'zine.

I also think there are a lot of younger cartoonists working on trade paperbacks and for big companies that might still be making mini-comics in the market of ten years ago. Can anyone imagine another Kevin Huizenga lasting past issue #4 or #5 of Supermonster right now without a contract from someone? Still, I don't think it's the entire field. I actually get more mini-comics for review than I did two years ago, and unlike commercial comics forms there's no danger in mini-comics falling below a certain saturation point at which they alter their market in a way that drags others down. In the end, I wouldn't worry about it.
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