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February 1, 2013

Assembled, Zipped, Transferred And Downloaded: News From Digital


By Tom Spurgeon

* it would seem to me there is no bigger news possible in this world than the double-whammy of comiXology moving into the French-language market and then coming to terms on a deal with the Delcourt group. I don't even know if there's anything to say about those stories right away except "holy crud" and "there they are." I guess if you're into following the progression of companies like comiXology, this is a big deal because they are now a dominant player in what they do by what seems to duffers like myself a wide, wide margin. Anyway, the second of the two should be fun to track as other companies join up (or don't) and as any permutations in terms of what this makes available to English-language audiences potentially crop up.

* Digital Manga, Inc. has shut down its print arm to focus on the digital-delivery side of the business. Get in while you still can if there's something that interests you; it won't be open much longer.

* here's an article on digital publishing that may have some value to comics people thinking of pursuing that option, or pursuing it more grandly, or continuing to negotiate it in some way. I reject outright any model that substitutes sales-success as a standard that can be used to trump the desires of an artist when it comes to how their work is presented and sold, but it's interesting to see someone point out, for example, that there are models that strongly benefit early-adopters in a way that isn't replicable and models that may gain the desired traction but not then bring with them any profitability.

* I can't imagine wanting to know anything more about that TV show Strip Search than what the foundational comics blogger Gary Tyrrell has here, except maybe who wins.

* I had no idea they published comics at the Flying Colors site.

* Dylan Horrocks continues to release his inner perv, which we all know was just sitting there waiting to be released.

* speaking of Alt-Comics Generation Two, I'm not sure I all the way knew that the Hutch Owens strip attempt was at now.

* one aspect of the now-successful Bill Day crowd-funder that got kind of got lost during the discussion of re-using content and swiping imagery is that a lot of what people paid for will be delivered as e-books.

* finally, while this is technically print news it's also a step in the company and creator plan for digital content: Top Shelf announced two hardcover print editions of the digitally-distributed series by Zander Cannon and Kevin Cannon in their two-guys-anthology Double Barrel. The fact that they added formats with certain vendors midstream indicates there's still some casting around to do there, so this bears watching on a lot of levels. In fact, that comiXology seems to be doing so well and will thus set the digital policy for a lot of print-oriented companies just by being humongous and offering them an option makes all of the alternative attempts that much more important.

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