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CCI Comics-Only Programming
posted July 6, 2006

Thursday, July 20

10:30-11:30 Comic Arts Conference Session #1: Myths for the Modern Age -- In the tradition of Philip José Farmer's famous hoax biography Tarzan Alive, contributors to Myths for the Modern Age: Philip Jose Farmer's Wold Newton Universe (MonkeyBrain Books) present their parascholarship with a straight face, treating comic book as the reports of the adventures of real-life people. Win Eckert ("Foreword," Tarzan Alive) brings forward evidence to show that DC Comics' Doc Savage series of the 1990s, dismissed by many scholars because of numerous inconsistencies, in fact portrays events from Doc Savage's life consistent with the original pulp super-sagas. Brad Mengel settles the longstanding question of the Man of Bronze's true family name --"Savage" as asserted in the pulps, or --"Wildman" as Farmer revealed in Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life. Chuck Loridans reveals evidence recently uncovered from the files of Richard Henry Benson (aka The Avenger) that suggests that the Jungle Lord may have sired two daughters, Modesty Blaise and Nellie Gray. John Small presents a compelling case that the woman known as Vampirella was born Anita Santiago and adventured with Zorro as Lady Rawhide. Peter Coogan (Superhero: The Secret Origin of a Genre) pulls the curtain back and discusses the principles of Wold-Newtonry employed in the essays. Room 7B

10:30-11:30 AK Comics USA -- Introducing a foreign-based comics company into the American market: Ayman Kandeel (founder and CEO), Marwan El Nashar (managing director), Daerick Gross (editor-in-chief), Tony Matta (creative director), and Rafeal Kras (artist, Aya and Zein) explain how the Cairo-based company approached and executed the company's recent U.S. launch. Learn how AK Comics introduced its four characters into the American comic book world! Room 8

10:30-11:30 DC Talent Search 1 -- Find out what DC Comics is looking for when it comes to artists and whether you have the right stuff to draw for the DC Universe, WildStorm, or Vertigo! This informative orientation session will explain how DC's Talent Search works. If you want to have your work reviewed, attendance at this orientation session is mandatory; not all attendees are guaranteed a review. Room 9

11:00-12:00 Digital Webbing: 5 Years Later -- In June of 2001, the aspiring creators of the message board convinced the board's owner to do a one shot showcase so they could have something to show editors at conventions. In 2006, that "one shot" has just released it's 29th issue and Digital Webbing Press has become home to Bloodrayne, Zombie Highway, Christopher Golden's Thundergod and (this fall) Joe Staton and Nicola Cuti's E-Man. Chris and Ryan Ottley (Lost Squad from Devil's Due, Invincible from Image), Tony Lee (Doctor Who, Starship Troopers) and other DW Presents alumni will look back at the anthology as well as discuss upcoming projects. Room 1B

11:00-1:00 Comic Book Law School 101: "Let's Start at the Beginning" -- A very good place to start . . . to start learning how to protect your intellectual property rights, that is. Learn the basics of copyright and trademark law in this popular interactive lecture series brought to you by noted attorney Michael Lovitz, author of The Trademark and Copyright Book comic book (and the forthcoming Trademark, Licensing and Copyright Book graphic novel). This first workshop will cover the basics of protection and ownership of ideas, characters, and names from their point of creation forward. Attendees will participate in an interactive discussion about basic rights provided under U.S. copyright and trademark laws, then have the opportunity to work together in developing a game plan to protect a new comic book series proposal in preparation of shopping the proposal to publishers. And along the way, there will be plenty to learn about the protections, and pitfalls, of the U.S. trademark and copyright systems. Room 3

11:30-12:30 DC Nation -- Come one, come all, and join the DC Nation!! Meet Dan DiDio, senior VP/executive editor DCU, as he invites you to be part of the revolution! Discuss surviving a Crisis, living in a world One Year Later, and discover the weekly magic of 52. Rise up, and shout. The Nation is waiting! Room 5AB

11:30-12:30 Del Rey Manga -- Same-old same-old? Not on your life! Panelists Dallas Middaugh (associate publisher of Del Rey Manga), Betsy Mitchell (Del Rey editor-in-chief), and Mutsumi Miyazaki (director of licensing and acquisitions) will talk about the new direction for Del Rey Manga. They'll have some exciting news this time around, folks. You can read about it on the Internet, or you can attend and tell your kids that you were actually there when Del Rey be continued! Room 8

11:30-12:30 Planetwide Games' Comic Book Creator -- Kevin Donovan (Planetwide Games) and Greg Short (Sony Online Entertainment) will be demonstrating this revolutionary self-publishing comic book software that allows anyone (not just the professionals) the simple ability to "drag and drop" to create their own comic book, using digital pictures and video game screen shots. In addition, see a preview of the new releases of the Comic Book Creator software and a demo from Sony Online Entertainment of the web-enabled version of SOE Comic Book Creator and the online web-enabled version. Room 9

12:00-1:00 Prism Comics: Increasing LGBT Visibility -- Meet the all-volunteer force behind the comics industry's only nonprofit organization supporting LGBT creators, stories, and readers, and learn how you can join in. Prism's accomplishments, activities, and upcoming plans will be discussed by the organization's officers and committee chairs, as well as members of its advisory board, which includes Paige Braddock (Jane's World), Colleen Coover (Banana Sunday), Tim Fish (Strugglers), Terrance Griep (Victoria's Secret Service), Patricia Jeres (former director of marketing communications for DC Comics), Andy Mangels (best-selling Star Trek author and DVD producer), Richard Neal (owner, Zeus Comics, Dallas, TX), Joe Phillips (artist, Cali Boys; writer-director, Stonewall and Riot), and José Villarrubia (The Mirror of Love). Room 1B

12:30-1:30 Beyond Wallpapers: Today's Mobile Comics -- Mobile comics have come of age with top titles from all genres: TOKYOPOP manga, superheroes, humor, and alternative. GoComics, the leader in mobile comics, brings together a panel covering every aspect of the field. Folks at the center of the new medium --creators, publishers, software developers, distributors, and service providers --will discuss bringing the full comics experience to your phone. Panelists include Jeff Webber, GoComics content director; Peter Maresca, GoComics creative director; Jeremy Ross, TOKYOPOP editorial director; Matt Fraction, writer, Punisher War Journal; Travis Beaven, project manager UIEvolution; and Scott Stemmermann, Sprint product marketing manager. Room 1A

12:30-2:00 Comics Editors on Comics Editing -- The writers and artists justly get the kudos for great comics --and the brickbats for rotten ones. But behind the scenes, the comics editor --the interface between the creators and the business folks --does mysterious, unsung work. Join top editors Bob Schreck (group editor, Vertigo, Batman), Jim Salicrup (editor-in-chief, Papercutz), Diana Schutz (senior editor, Dark Horse), Lee Nordling (executive editor, Platinum Studios), and a couple of surprise guests as they talk about what it is they do --and tell tales out of school about your favorite characters and creators. They'll answer your questions, too. Moderated by longtime Spider-Man group editor Danny Fingeroth (How to Create Comics from Script to Print). Room 4

12:30-1:30 Spotlight on Brian Bolland -- One of both Britain's and the comics world's most respected artists, Brian Bolland is best known for his incredible covers here in the U.S. on such books as Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Batman: Gotham Knights, not to mention his work on Judge Dredd. Moderated by Richard Bruning, DC's senior VP/creative director. Room 5AB

12:30-2:00 Coloring for Comics: Advanced Coloring Techniques -- Here's your chance to ask the pros what process they use to color your favorite comics. Following last year's successful beginning and advanced panels, coloring pros will answer all your questions and show you how it's done. Featured colorists will be David Baron (Firestorm, Stormwatch), Jeromy Cox (Catwoman, Teen Titans, DMZ), Patrick McEvoy (The Gatesville Company), Alex Sinclair (Wonder Woman, 52), Snakebite (The Red Star), and Dave Stewart (Hellboy, Conan). Room 8

1:00-2:00 Spotlight on Andy Runton -- Andy Runton has charmed audiences young and old with his series of Owly graphic novels, published by Top Shelf. The silent adventures of the little winged bird have earned him a 2006 Eisner nomination for last year's Owly: Flying Lessons. Andy talks about his creation and his work. Room 1B

1:00-2:00 Andrew Pepoy's Professional Networking Seminar -- Get set for a weekend of pressing the flesh and selling yourself with this popular Comic-Con seminar! Being talented just isn't enough. Getting work and continuing to work in the comic book and comic strip publishing world often means knowing the right people, too. Inker and writer/artist Andrew Pepoy (Jack of Fables, Katy Keene) brings back his popular seminar to help teach you how to get out there and use Comic-Con to its fullest networking potential. Take advantage of this early time slot to put some of Andrew's good advice to work over the next few days! Room 3

1:00-2:00 Rosario Dawson: Occult Crimes Taskforce -- Rosario Dawson, star of Sin City and Clerks 2, will be joined by her creative team members David Atchison and Tony Shasteen, as well as 12 Gauge Comics' Keven Gardner (The Ride), for a Q&A session about their debut comic series, Occult Crimes Taskforce! Room 6B

1:00-2:30 Comic Arts Conference Session #3: Comics...When Pictures and Words Collide! -- Explore three unique and valuable perspectives on comics, from concept to creation to publication. Famed author RC Harvey (The Art of the Comic Book; The Genius of Winsor McCay) provides insights into the dynamic process of combining art and text. Legendary artist Rick Geary (Graphic Classics; Victorian Murders) describes how he transforms novels and biographies into comics literature. And renowned graphic designer Chip Kidd (Book One; Batman Collected) reveals his book selection process as editor of Pantheon's graphic novel line. Noted writer Michael Dooley (The Education of a Comics Artist) moderates this profusely illustrated session. Room 7B

1:00-3:00 Marv Wolfman and Barbara Kesel: Creating Comics Characters -- Marv Wolfman, the fan favorite writer-creator of Blade, Black Cat, Bullseye, and The New Teen Titans, joins forces with writer/editor Barbara Randall Kesel (Dark Crystal manga) and shares tips and tricks on how to add the little memorable quirks that make a character come to life, or how to create one out of thin air! Room 24A

1:30-3:00 Aspen Comics Outlook for 2006 and Beyond -- Join the Aspen team, including Michael Turner) Soulfire), Frank Mastromauro (Shrugged), Peter Steigerwald (Soulfire), JT Krul (Fathom), Koi Turnbull (Fathom), Marcus To (Soulfire: Chaos Reign), Micah Gunnell (Shrugged), Vince Hernandez (Aspen Seasons), Beth Sotelo (Shrugged), Mark Roslan (director), and Jessica Blackwell of Aspen as they forecast their late 2006 and early 2007 releases. The team will also participate in a Q&A session. All fans in attendance will receive a free voucher for one comic book of their choice up to a $10 value at the Aspen Comics booth. Room 5AB

1:30-2:15 Spotlight on Tommy Kovac -- This question-and-answer session with Tommy Kovac, writer of SLG's Wonderland comic book and the creator of Autumn, a creator-owned series that he writes and draws, will be conducted by SLG publisher Dan Vado. Room 9

2:00-3:30 Batman: The Golden/Silver Age -- A look at the Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder in their early, glory days with some of the men who made them happen: Sheldon Moldoff, Jerry Robinson, Jim Mooney, Arnold Drake, Alvin Schwartz and Joe Giella. Mark Evanier moderates. Room 8

2:15-3:00 Spotlight on Greg Weisman -- Greg Weisman is best known as the creator of the popular Gargoyles cartoon series, which appeared on Disney's afternoon animated lineup in the late 90s. Gargoyles has returned this year as part of SLG Publishing's Disney Comics line. Join Greg as he discusses the Gargoyles comic book series and answers questions about both the comic and the show. Moderated by SLG publisher Dan Vado. Room 9

2:30-3:30 Spotlight on Linda Medley -- The fan-favorite and Eisner Award–winning creator of Castle Waiting relaunches her book at Comic-Con. Linda Medley starts anew with Castle Waiting in a brand new series from Fantagraphics. Gary Groth interviews Linda about her career and the new CW series. Room 1A

2:30-4:00 New Challenges in Self-Publishing -- In recent years, comics self-publishers have had to take a hard look at the best way to present their work. Webcomics, pamphlet publishing versus graphic novel format, print on demand --all of these factor into the way creators publish their own work. Among the hardy band of successful long-term creators discussing these new challenges are moderator Batton Lash (Supernatural Law), Kyle Baker (The Bakers, Nat Turner), Paige Braddock (Jane's World), Rich Koslowski (The 3 Geeks), and Comic-Con special guest Phil Foglio (Girl Genius). Room 7B

3:00-4:00 IDW Publishing and the Transformers: More Than Meets the IDW -- Next summer the big-budget Transformers movie hits the world! But this summer, you can get an advance look at IDW's plans for their TF comics leading up to the release of that movie, as well as talk about all the other TF titles in the works for 2006 and 2007! Join IDW publisher/ChrisCharger Chris Ryall, along with editor Dan Taylor, artists Don Figueroa (The Transformers: Beast Wars), E. J. Su (The Transformers: Infiltration), and other surprise Autobots and Decepticons who might stop by the panel. Room 4

3:00-4:30 Marvel Comics: Civil War -- The best-selling book of the new millennium has plunged the Marvel Universe into war, pitting friend against friend. Come in for a debriefing and get a sneak peek at what's to come from Joe Quesada and J. Michael Straczynski (Amazing Spider-Man), Paul Jenkins (Civil War: Front Line), Marc Guggenheim (Wolverine), Robert and Charles Knauf (Iron Man), and many more! Also, surprise announcements from Jeph Loeb (Ultimates 3) and Frank Cho (New Avengers). Room 6A

3:00-4:00 Spotlight on John Wagner -- One of Britain's most popular comics writers has made a significant impact in American comics, too. John Wagner is best known for his work as co-creator of Judge Dredd, but he's also the writer behind the original graphic novel A History of Violence, which was made into a critically acclaimed motion picture by David Cronenberg last year. Wagner presents a visual presentation at this panel, titled "A Life in Comics," which includes a look at his career and British comics in general. Moderated by former DC/Paradox Press editor Andy Helfer. Room 9

3:30-4:30 Spotlight on Jimmy Palmiotti -- He's one of comics' most popular inkers, and he's developed quite a sideline in writing, too! Jimmy Palmiotti talks about his always busy comics work (including Jonah Hex, Superman Returns prequels, JSA: Classified, and much more) and welcomes his friend John Heffernan, screenwriter of Snakes on a Plane and artist Amanda Conner in this special spotlight event. Room 1A

3:30-4:30 Spotlight on Carmine Infantino -- His career spans the Golden and Silver Ages of comics, but Carmine Infantino is best remembered for his incredible work at DC in the 50s and 60s. As an artist, he reenvisioned the Flash and jump-started the Silver Age. He reinvigorated Batman, redesigned Batgirl, and was the artist on such fan favorites as Adam Strange and The Elongated Man. In the mid-1960s he took over DC as editorial director, then publisher. The AACC's David Armstrong interviews Mr. Infantino about his illustrious career. Room 2

3:30-4:30 The Sergio and Mark Show -- Yeah, it's them again. Sergio Aragonés, Mark Evanier, Stan Sakai, and Tom Luth give you this year's excuse for why there have been no new Groo comics, along with their usual promises that this condition will not persist for much longer. Plus other funny stuff. Room 8

4:00-5:00 Broccoli Books/Synch-Point -- Shizuki Yamashita and Dietrich Seto head up the English production team behind hit manga and anime releases such as Aquarian Age --Juvenile Orion (graphic novel), Galaxy Angel (graphic novel), Leave it to Piyoko (graphic novel), KAMUI (graphic novel), Yoki Koto Kiku (graphic novel), the upcoming Disgaea (graphic novel), FLCL (DVD), and Di Gi Charat the Original Series (DVD). Join them for announcements and a Q&A session, plus some nice promo stuff for attendees. Room 7B

4:30-6:00 TwoMorrows Publishing/Comic Book Nerd -- See excerpts and outtakes from Pete Von Sholly's ;hilarious spoof of the fan press, Comic Book Nerd, in an exclusive video presentation! See the TwoMorrows editorial staff --John Morrow (Jack Kirby Collector), Mike Manley (DRAW!), Michael Eury (Back Issue!), Danny Fingeroth (Write Now!), and Eric Nolen-Weathington (Modern Masters) --exact their revenge on Pete for making fun of their mags! And learn about new and upcoming TwoMorrows publications in this multimedia extravaganza! Room 1A

4:30-6:00 Spotlight on George Pérez -- One of comics' most popular artists for over 30 years, George Pérez has a résumé that contains a who's who of comics' most memorable characters. Now working exclusively for DC, and an integral part of their recent Infinite Crisis, George talks about his career and opens up the floor to Q&A. Room 5AB

4:30-5:30 Spotlight on Daniel Clowes -- One of the most respected writer/artists in comics, Dan Clowes also has the distinction of being nominated for an Academy Award for best writing (screenplay based on material previously produced or published) for Ghost World in 2001. Art School Confidential, another film based on Clowes's comics, hit indie theater screens earlier this year. Clowes's evocative, character-driven work along with his distinctive drawing style has made books like Eightball, Ghost World, Ice Haven, and Caricature both fan and mainstream favorites. Fantagraphics' Eric Reynolds interviews Dan in this rare programming appearance. Room 8

5:00-6:00 Spotlight on Brian Fies -- It started as catharsis. Brian Fies chronicled the experience of his mother, going through treatment for cancer, in webcomics form. And before he knew it, Brian had found an audience of people with similar experiences, who told more people about his online comics. In 2005, Mom's Cancer won the first-ever Eisner Award for Best Digital Comic. The story was recently published in graphic novel form by Abrams Image. Brian talks about his work and what's next for this "accidental" graphic novelist. Room 1B

5:00-6:00 The Comic Art Prof Show: How to Create Successful Comics Page Layouts -- Young comic artists focus on learning to draw. Great comic artists master the page. Good page design brings clarity, rhythm, accent, and life to your comics. Starting with the basics, such as balloon placement and panel shapes, and stepping up to more advanced layout concepts, such as pacing and style, The Comic Art Prof (a.k.a. Christian Hill of the National Association of Comic Art Educators) will show you the processes professionals use in mainstream and alternative comics, manga, and Eurocomics to lay out impeccable and unforgettable pages. Room 3

5:00-6:00 Spotlight on Brian Walker -- Cartoonist, author, and museum curator Brian Walker provides an entertaining overview of his multifaceted career as both a creator and a comics scholar, including what it was like growing up in an extended cartoon family with famous artists as personal friends. Learn how the Museum of Cartoon Art was founded in 1974 and see an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the production process for the syndicated comic strips Beetle Bailey and Hi and Lois. Brian will conclude with a presentation of rare and spectacular artwork from his two-volume history, The Comics Before 1945 and The Comics Since 1945, followed by a Q&A session. Room 9

5:30-7:00 Spotlight on Jerry Robinson -- A chat with one of the true Golden Age Greats, as well as a popular syndicated cartoonist and past president of the National Cartoonists Society, Jerry Robinson. Mark Evanier moderates, plus a preview of a new documentary about the man and his legendary work. Room 8

6:00-7:00 Komikwerks: Actionopolis -- Shannon Eric Denton (Jimmy Neutron), Dan Mishkin (Amethyst), Rob M. Worley (Young Ancient One), Rick Hoberg (Avengers), Gary Reed (Frankenstein), Mike Dubisch (Dungeons & Dragons), Bruce Zick (Pixar), and Michael Geiger (Sony) have established their own corner of the Actionopolis Universe with exciting new YA titles hitting bookstores this summer: The Forest King, Heir to Fire, Spirit of the Samurai, The Anubis Tapestry, and Blackfoot Braves Society. Join these creators for this one-on-one interview and Q&A session! Room 1A

6:00-7:00 Heroic Publishing: Liberty Girl -- Want proof that patriotism in the comics is far from dead? Dennis Mallonee (writer) and Mark Sparacio (artist) have teamed up to bring you the return of America's legendary bronze goddess of freedom, the Liberty Girl! They (and maybe a couple of surprise guests) will be fielding questions about the character, and talking about the deeper meanings of how and why the Liberty Girl came to be. Come find out what all the buzz is about! Room 1B

6:00-7:00 Gumby Comics -- Where has Gumby been? Is it true he's running for president? What's Pokey's last name? You may find the answers to these questions and more, as writer Bob Burden moderates a Q&A session with artist Rick Geary, colorist Steve Oliff, editor Mel Smith, and Premavision's Robert Thompson. They'll be discussing the new Gumby comics series from Wildcard Ink as well as what's coming next from the green boy of clay. Expect lots of sneak peeks at 2007 projects and the return of Gumby! The first 50 fans dressed up as characters from Gumby will win a special gift. Room 2

6:00-7:00 Webcomics 101: Getting Started -- It's easy to make a webcomic, but hard to do it well. Bill Barnes (Unshelved) asks fellow web cartoonists Dave Kellett (Sheldon), Jon Rosenberg (Goats), Brian Fies (Mom's Cancer), and Phil Foglio (Girl Genius) why they went online and what artistic, business, and technological choices they made. Room 3

6:00-7:00 CMX: Mega Manga -- They come from Japan: some of the most exciting and captivating comics you'll ever read! Now, DC Comics presents some of Japan's most renowned manga, including Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne, Emma, Densha Otoko, Land of the Blindfolded, and from America, Megatokyo. Join writer/artist Fred Gallagher (Megatokyo), WildStorm director of manga Asako Suzuki, and manga editor Jim Chadwick for this trans-Pacific panel! Room 4

6:00-7:00 Random House Publishing Group Graphic Novels -- The Random House Publishing Group are the publishers of Harvey Pekar's American Splendor and Flight 3, edited by Kazu Kabuishi. Two of the company's newest titles are the critically acclaimed Elk's Run and the highly anticipated Dark Wraith of Shannara. Join Kazu Kabuishi and Joshua Hale Fialkov, as well as the RHPG editors, to hear more about these books as well as Random House's graphic novel plans for the future. Room 7B

Friday, July 21

10:30-11:30 Blank Label Comics -- The groundbreaking independent comics co-op offers a look at its unique recipe for success and explains why "webcomics" are dead. Moderated by the hosts of the popular Blank Label Comics podcast, Dave Kellett (Sheldon) and Kristofer Straub (Starslip Crisis), the panel will include David Willis (Shortpacked!), Paul Taylor (Wapsi Square), Howard Tayler (Schlock Mercenary), Steve Troop (Melonpool), and Brad Guigar (Evil Inc.). Room 1A

10:30-11:30 TOKYOPOP Manga Industry -- Manga is evolving everyday and TOKYOPOP is leading the Manga Revolution. Check out new projects and the latest releases and acquisitions from around the world, as TOKYOPOP editors Rob Tokar, Lillian Diaz-Przybyl, Alexis Kirsch, and Kathy Hilling and marketing reps Jonathan Chen and Josh Pool present the inside info you just have to hear firsthand. Also, special guest Kim Jae-Hwan --creator of the King of Hell and artist for the Warcraft manga --will be on hand to take questions and speak about his work with TOKYOPOP. Room 1B

10:30-12:00 Comic Book Law School 202: Money Makes the World Go 'Round! -- Learn the basics of copyright and trademark law in this popular interactive lecture series. This second workshop brought to you by noted attorney Michael Lovitz will cover some of the more complicated issues facing creators who are looking to actually market their creations and ideas, including transfers and licensing of rights, marketing, merchandising and distribution, and what to do when Hollywood comes knocking. This interactive seminar gives attendees the opportunity to participate in the discussions as Lovitz covers various means for profiting from your creations, and (time permitting) to participate in a mock contract negotiation! Room 3

10:30-11:30 The 9/11 Report: A Graphic Adaptation -- The new graphic novel The 9/11 Report by Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colón asks the question, "Can a comic get Americans to study, reflect and act?" This panel will explore comic nonfiction as a way to clarify, explain, and engage readers with recent history and current events. Specifically, it will talk about the process of scripting, illustrating, and publishing a graphic rendering of the official 9/11 Report to assure integrity with the report and its findings, to capture its breadth and urgency, and to convey the explicit call for action in the Commission's recommendations. The creators stated mission: "by picture, by design, by graphic continuity, by words, by every method we have learned over the years, we want to tell the commission's calamitous story so that every person viewing it will understand what happened and realize all its frightening implications." Writer Sid Jacobson was the managing editor and editor in chief for Harvey Comics, where he created Richie Rich. Ernie Colón, the artist, has worked at Harvey, Marvel, and DC Comics. Room 4

10:30-11:30 Marvel: Spider-Man: Then and Now -- Welcome, True Believers, to a once-in-a-lifetime event! In one room for the first and only time, join the men who have influenced Spider-Man's life from the beginning and those who are shaping him into the man he is today: Stan Lee, Joe Quesada, and J. Michael Straczynski! Find out what went into creating the world's greatest superhero and what the future holds for the wall-crawler. Room 6A

10:30-12:00 Comic Arts Conference Session #4: Superman and the Heroic Ideal -- Alex Boney (Ohio State University) discusses how a central aspect of the Superman myth --fighting through the web of constraints placed on American hopes and aspirations by modernity --grew directly out of Captain John Smith's portrayal of himself in his narrative of his adventures published in 1630. Peter B. Lloyd (Whole-Being Books) surveys Superman's use of extra-judicial violence in defense of law and order in the post-9/11 era. Barry Morris (Pace University) discusses the challenge of postmodern critical inquiry to the idea of the superhero as an icon, and how the chroniclers of Superman have respond to this challenge. Clare Pitkethly (La Trobe University) explores the collision of Old World ideology and New World identity in the early presentations of Superman and Wonder Woman. Room 7B

10:30-12:00 Impact University: How to Write and Draw Comics and Graphic Novels -- Some of the biggest names in comics will teach you what it takes to make it in comics and graphic novels. Our star-studded faculty panel this year includes Peter David (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, X-Factor), Marv Wolfman (Crisis on Infinite Earths, New Teen Titans), Matt Haley (Superman Returns artist), Jim Salicrup (editor-in-chief, Papercutz), John Jackson Miller (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Iron Man) and Maggie Thompson (editor, Comics Buyer's Guide). Find out the best way to submit your work, learn the dos and don'ts of the business, and participate in a Q&A session. Room 8

10:30-11:30 DC Talent Search 2 -- Find out what DC Comics is looking for when it comes to artists and whether you have the right stuff to draw for the DC Universe, WildStorm, or Vertigo! This informative orientation session will explain how DC's Talent Search works. If you want to have your work reviewed, attendance at this orientation session is mandatory --not all attendees are guaranteed a review. Room 9

11:30-1:00 Spotlight on Jean-Claude Mézières -- For decades, Jean-Claude Mézières has been thrilling science fiction fans worldwide with Valerian: Spatiotemporal Agent, a galaxy-roaming series of graphic novels whose grungy, lived-in world, wild alien life forms, and all-around visual inventiveness predated Star Wars by a full decade. Kim Thompson, who grew up reading Valerian in the pages of Pilote magazine, will quiz Monsieur Mézières about his nearly 40-year career (including his involvement as a designer for Luc Besson's The Fifth Element). Room 1A

11:30-12:30 Competing for the Young Adult Mind with Words and Pictures -- With tons of other options competing for their attention, what does it take to get today's youth to pick up a book? A mix of authors offer their strategies: best-selling co-creators of The Spiderwick Chronicles Holly Black (Valiant) and Tony DiTerlizzi (G Is for One Gzonk), award-winning game designer and writer Matt Forbeck (Knights of the Silver Dragon), acclaimed adult and children's author Anne Ursu (The Shadow Thieves), actor/musician/ debut novelist Ahmet Zappa (The Monstrous Memoirs of a Might McFearless), and "new kids on the block" Shane Berryhill (Chance Fortune and the Outlaws) and Tim Eldred (Grease Monkey). Moderator: Maryelizabeth Hart, of Mysterious Galaxy. Room 1B

11:30-12:30 75 Years of Dick Tracy -- Comics historian RC Harvey will interview Max Allan Collins (Road to Perdition) on his 15-year stint as writer of the syndicated strip as well as his personal relationship with creator Chester Gould, and they'll explore the bullet-riddled history of this influential comic strip. Plus: exciting news about a major new Dick Tracy project that you won't want to miss! Room 4

11:30-12:30 Dark Horse's 20th Anniversary -- Join Dark Horse publisher Mike Richardson for a special celebration of 20 years of creative excellence! Mike, along with senior editor Randy Stradley, will spin tales of the early days and drop hints at a promising future. Special guests? With a creative pool of top industry talent, you can bet something special is in store. Eric Powell jumping out of a cake? We can't say for sure, but show up and you won't be disappointed! Room 5AB

12:00-1:15 Comic Arts Conference Session #5: Comics as Postmodern Narrative -- Jennifer K. Stuller ( uses Alan Moore's graphic novel Promethea in relation to Maurice Merleau-Ponty's phenomenological concepts of the elemental Flesh and the Chiasm to illustrate how comics narratives have the power to encourage us to experience the world as profoundly magical. Frank Verano (Temple University) casts the work of Grant Morrison in such comics as The Invisibles and Flex Metallo in the light of visual culture to explore Morrison's intriguing claims that fictional characters are "more real" than "real" people. Jason Bainbridge (University of Tasmania) explores how the establishment of the Marvel and DC universes and the prominence of the superhero therein embodies the tension between modern progress and premodern justice. Room 7B

12:00-1:00 Scott McCloud's Making Comics -- Scott McCloud (Zot!, Understanding Comics) unveils his new book, Making Comics, in this fast-paced visual presentation. Scott and his whole family will be on hand to discuss one of the most ambitious promotional tours in comics history, the year-long Making Comics 50 State Tour beginning in September! Room 8

12:30-1:30 Spotlight on Amanda Conner -- One of comics' rising stars, Amanda Conner talks about her work on such books as JSA: Classified and what's coming next. Writer/inker Jimmy Palmiotti joins Amanda for this spotlight event. Room 1B

12:30-1:30 Comic Book Heaven LIVE -- You like old comic books? Then you need to submit to the siren call of the fourth all-new trip down "What-the-Heck-Were-They-Thinking?" Comic Book Memory Lane presented by Scott Saavedra, noted curator of curious comics. It's the same affectionate, mad celebration of purple prose, red-blooded heroes, and yellowing newsprint as seen in Scott's magazine Comic Book Heaven (Slave Labor Graphics) and blog ( only bigger, better, and in a room full of strangers. Witty comments and knowing glances will be provided free to all. Room 4

12:30-1:30 Vital Vertigo -- From the start, Vertigo has been at the forefront of cutting-edge comics and graphic novels for mature readers. Learn what smart and edgy projects are in store for you in this slide-show presentation. Hosted by VP/ executive editor, Vertigo, Karen Berger, with group editor Shelly Bond, editor Jonathan Vankin, writers Bill Willingham (Fables), Douglas Rushkoff (Testament), and Steven Seagle (American Virgin); artists Becky Cloonan (American Virgin) and Mark Buckingham (Fables); writer/artist David Lapham; and others! Room 5AB

12:30-2:00 VIZ Media: Anime/Manga -- Join VIZ Media representatives Anthony Jiwa (director of marketing, home video and publishing), Cammie AllenMegan Bates (managing editor, Shojo Beat manga), Annette Roman (managing editor, manga) and others as they discuss new acquisitions for 2007, new product releases, and highlights for the rest of 2006, and answer all your otaku questions. Plus, you'll have a chance to win VIZ Media products and prizes! Room 9

12:30-1:30 Hey, Kids! Blogs About Comics! -- It seems like everybody has a blog these days, but here's a group of dedicated bloggers devoted to writing about comics and news about the comics industry. Moderator Heidi MacDonald ( talks to Tom Spurgeon (, Ron Hogan (, Graeme McMillan (, Chris Butcher ( and Tom McLean ( about the daily business of blogging, breaking news, and the comics world. Room 24A

1:00-2:00 It All Begins with the First Second -- Mark Siegel (:01 editorial director) leads Eddie Campbell (The Fate of the Artist) and Gene Yang (American Born Chinese) in a discussion of the new directions graphic novel publishing is taking. Room 1A

1:00-2:00 Spotlight on Jim Mooney -- He got into comics in 1941 and never looked back. Meet one of the field's most prolific illustrators: Jim Mooney the man who drew Supergirl, Spider-Man, Dial H for Hero, Man-Thing, Tommy Tomorrow, Batman, Robin, The Legion of Super-Heroes, Omega the Unknown, and so many others. Mark Evanier asks the questions. Room 8

1:15-2:30 Comic Arts Conference Session #6: Visual Language -- Neil Cohn (Meditations: 1999-2002) reveals the "secrets" of sequential art: the grammatical rules and visual "parts of speech" underlying comics' use of sequence. Zon Petilla (Cal State University–Fresno) asserts that there is a universal visual grammar operating in comics that can be used to teach language. Hal Shipman (Northwestern University) examines the contrast between the vocabulary and grammar of visual language in European and American comics, represented respectively by the adventure strips Tintin and Terry and the Pirates. Room 7B

1:30-2:30 Spotlight on Phil Foglio -- The fan-favorite creator of characters such as Buck Godot and Girl Genius is a Comic-Con special guest. Join Phil Foglio in this special spotlight event as he talks about his work and answers your questions. Phil is also the master of ceremonies of this year's Comic-Con Masquerade on Saturday night! Room 1B

1:30-2:30 IDW Publishing: Ideas and Designs 2006 -- Learn about IDW's exciting plans for the next year, including an overview of licensed books such as Transformers and Angel/Spike, as well as a full rundown of upcoming horror titles and some special, never-before-heard-or-seen announcements. Join IDW publisher Chris Ryall, along with editor Dan Taylor, writers Brian Lynch (Spike: Asylum), Shane McCarthy (Zombies!), and Scott Tipton (Angel/Spike); artists Ben Templesmith (Wormwood) and Ashley Wood (Zombies Vs. Robots); and other special guests for the lowdown on the upcoming slate of books. Room 4

2:00-3:00 DC: JLA/JSA: Justice for All -- Join an important panel featuring the two teams that define heroism in the DC universe. Writer Brad Meltzer (Identity Crisis, upcoming Justice League of America), writer Geoff Johns (52, Teen Titans, upcoming Justice Society of America), and artist Mike Turner (Supergirl, Identity Crisis) will be joined by senior VP/executive editor DCU Dan DiDio, senior editor Peter Tomasi, and group editor Eddie Berganza to bring you the details of two amazing teams' past, present, and future. Room 6A

2:00-3:30 The Annual Jack Kirby Tribute Panel -- Every year, we remember the man they called "The King of the Comics" with a discussion of his life and times. On the panei this year are artists Neal Adams, George Pérez, John Romita, and Mike Royer, plus members of the Kirby family and a few surprises. Mark Evanier (who else?) moderates. Room 8

2:00-3:00 TOKYOPOP Global Manga -- Representatives from TOKYOPOP, the largest English-language publisher of manga in the world, will fill you in on the inner workings of the fastest-growing segment in the publishing industry. Panelists include editors Lillian Diaz-Przybyl, Rob Valois, and Tim Beedle. Editors will also introduce fans to new global manga, including Fool's Gold (Amy Hadley), Re: Play (Christy Lijewksi), and My Dead Girlfriend (Eric Wight), along with insight from fan-favorite artists such as M. Alice Legrow (Bizenghast) and Amy Ganter (Sorcerers & Secretaries), a special project with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and much much more! Room 9

2:30-3:30 Graphic Novels: The Universal Language -- It's true. Graphic novels are sweeping the world! (Admittedly, we Americans were the last to get this, but we're playing catch-up hard and fast.) Comics historian Tom Spurgeon will moderate a panel made up of creators from around the world, including James Sturm (The Golem's Mighty Swing), Linda Medley (Castle Waiting), Roger Langridge (Fred the Clown), Jean-Claude Mézières (Valerian), Yoshihiro Tatsumi (The Push Man and Other Stories), and John Wagner (A History of Violence, Button Man) in a discussion what makes the world go 'round. Room 5AB

2:30-3:30 Dumbrella -- Artists from Dumbrella, one of the most popular online comics collectives, discuss webcomics, independent publishing, and subverting popular culture. Feel free to quiz Andrew Bell (the Creatures in my Head), Sam Brown (explodingdog), Steven Cloud (B.O.a.S.a.S), Jon Rosenberg (Goats), and Richard Stevens III (Diesel Sweeties) about anything your Internet heart desires. Room 7B

3:00-4:00 Moonstone Celebrates the Phantom's 70th Anniversary -- Moonstone's editor-in-chief Joe Gentile will be joined by Mike Bullock (Phantom writer), Doug Klauba (Phantom cover artist), Paul Guinan (Phantom Law of the Jungle artist), Ben Raab (Phantom Legacy writer), Art Lyon (Phantom colorist/designer), and EricJ (Phantom artist) in a discussion of Moonstone's new and upcoming Phantom projects, followed by a Q&A session. Room 1A

3:30-4:30 Nickelodeon Magazine Carousel -- See interactive cartoon slide shows hosted by editors Chris Duffy and Dave Roman and featuring comic strip makers Sam Henderson (Magic Whistle), James Kochalka (Monkey vs. Robot), R. Sikoryak (RAW), and more! You can expect plenty of gags, goofiness, and audience participation. Definitely for kids and alt-comics-loving adults. Room 1B

3:00-4:00 The Black Panel -- Featuring Reggie Hudlin (president, BET), RZA (Wu Tang Clan), Jeffery Wright (CEO, Urban Ministries), Denys Cowan (senior VP, BET Animation), Mike Davis and Mark Davis (Blokhedz), and Axel Alonso (editor, Marvel Comics). This is the definitive panel for what's up in black content, and black content is hip content. Moderated by Michael Davis. Room 6A

3:00-4:00 VIZ Media's Shojo Beat featuring Matsuri Hino -- Meet Matsuri Hino, the creator of MeruPuri and Vampire Knight, as she helps celebrate Shojo Beat's first-year anniversary with the editors from both the U.S. and Japan! Find out how she got started as a manga creator, her expectations for Vampire Knight, her new series in Shojo Beat magazine, and take this opportunity to ask your own questions. Plus a chance to win exclusive Vampire Knight pendants! Panelists will also include VIZ editor Yumi Ide, Shojo Beat's Yumi Hoashi, and others. Room 9

3:00-4:30 Prism Comics: Evaluating LGBT Material: How May We Help You? -- With more material being published involving LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) characters and issues, audiences and retailers need strategies for encouraging and supporting diversity while providing an environment in which the only surprises are the twists in the plot. Prism Comics, the nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting LGBT creators, themes, and issues in comics, offers its services in this area to the broader constituencies of the comics community. This discussion focuses greatly on the retail community, addressing the topic of how to get more LGBT-friendly books in your store and how Prism can help you sell them. This panel is the beginning of what is intended to be an ongoing dialogue, with the participation of experts from every aspect of the industry, in order to establish action plans in the quest for greater diversity in content as well as in the customer base. Panelists include Roger B.A. Klorese, president, Prism Comics and founder of QueerNet; Rory Root, owner and operator of Comic Relief, Berkeley, CA; Chris Powell, general manager of Lone Star Comics, Arlington, TX; José Villarrubia, artist and academician; Paige Braddock, cartoonist, Jane's World; Chris Ryall, publisher/editor-in-chief, IDW; Charles Brownstein, executive director, CBLDF; Brian Chase, Lambda legal attorney, LGBT rights activist; and Roger Fletcher, VP of sales and marketing, Diamond Comic Distributors. Moderated by Patricia Jeres, Prism advisory board member and former director of marketing communications at DC Comics. Room 24A

3:30-4:30 WildStorm: Crossroads -- The West Coast is about to unleash a Worldstorm! Find out what's on the horizon from WildStorm Productions in this slide-show presentation. Panelists will include Scott Dunbier, executive editor, WildStorm; Bob Wayne, VP, sales, DC Comics; Ben Abernathy, editor, WildStorm; Jim Lee, editorial director, WildStorm and in-demand artist (WildCats, All Star Batman and Robin); writer Grant Morrison (52, Batman, All Star Superman); writer Gail Simone, (Gen13, Secret Six); artist Talent Caldwell (Gen13); and artist Darick Robertson (The Boys). Also joining the panel will be Danny Bilson (The Flash: Fastest Man Alive) and Paul DeMeo (The Flash: Fastest Man Alive), and special guest star, The OC's Adam Brody! Room 5AB
3:30-5:00 Spotlight on Roger Corman: 50 Years of Filmmaking -- Join the talented filmmaker of Rock 'n' Roll High School, Grand Theft Auto, Death Race 2000, Caged Heat, Little Shop of Horrors, and many more as Roger Corman discusses his 50 years of filmmaking with Cinefantastique's Mark Altman. Q&A session to follow. Room 6B

3:30-4:30 What's New at Disney Publishing -- Find out what's happening with your favorite characters and meet the next generation of Disney stars as authors, artists, and editors discuss new and upcoming comic content at Disney! Panel members include Landry Walker and Eric Jones (Tron, Kid Gravity, Little Gloomy), Art Baltazar (Gorilla, Gorilla), Rick Geary (Society of Horrors), Garry Black (Jet Pack Pets), Tonya Agurto (North American licensing director, books and magazines, Disney Publishing), Steve Behling (comics director, Disney Adventures & Comic Zone magazines) and John Clark (editor-in-chief, Gemstone Comics). Moderated by Rich Thomas (executive editor, Disney Press). Room 7B

3:30-4:30 Spotlight on John Romita -- He was the man who redefined not only Spider-Man but the entire style of Marvel Comics. He drew not only Spidey but Daredevil, Captain America, and dozens of others. He's Marvel's former art director and one of the most honored artists in the field, John Romita. Mark Evanier is your host. Room 8

4:00-5:00 Seven Seas Manga -- As manga's popularity has grown, it was inevitable that American publishing companies would start to create manga-influenced works. Seven Seas has quickly risen to become one of the top publishers in this field, and with Boogiepop, the company has added licensed manga and novels to its growing library. Meet Seven Seas editors and series creators and find out what the future holds. Panelists include Jason DeAngelis (No Man's Land, Captain Nemo), Adam Arnold (Aoi House), Shiei (Amazing Agent Luna, Aoi House), Dave Cheung (Chugworth Academy), Christopher Vogler (Ravenskull), and Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir (Amazing Agent Luna, Destiny's Hand). Room 1A

4:00-5:30 So You Want to Be a Comics Retailer? -- It's not just a job --it's a mission! This panel is always a popular event at Comic-Con because so many have dreams of owning their own comic book store. You have questions, this panel of experts has answers. Host Joe Field, owner of Flying Colors Comics & Other Cool Stuff (Concord, CA) will be joined by John Munn from Comic Book Ink (Tacoma WA), Matt Price from Speeding Bullet Comics (Norman, OK), and Dave Hawksworth from Diamond Comic Distributors' outside sales team to talk about the business of comics. This special Retailer Event is open to the public. If you've ever wanted to open your own comic book store, this panel is for you! Room 22

4:30-5:30 Webcomics 102: Finding Your Audience -- When will your genius get the adulation it deserves? Bill Barnes (Unshelved) asks fellow web cartoonists Jerry "Tycho" Holkins and Mike "Gabe" Krahulik (Penny Arcade), Scott Kurtz (PvP), R. Stevens (Diesel Sweeties), and Kristofer Straub (Starslip Crisis) how they attract crowds online. Room 1B

4:30-6:00 How to Color and Ink Comics -- Marianne Walker (comics illustration teacher and product specialist for Copic Markers, USA) shows all the professional hints and tricks to inking and coloring with Copic Markers. This hands-on workshop and Q&A will include everything from picking papers to inking, coloring, airbrushing, and special effects. For beginner to intermediate; supplies provided. Room 3

4:30-5:30 Fantagraphics 30th Anniversary -- Fantagraphics Books co-owners Gary Groth and Kim Thompson will be joined by Love & Rockets creators Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez and Eightball creator Dan Clowes for a trip down memory lane as they reminisce about Fantagraphics' 30 years history as "Publisher of the World's Greatest Cartoonists." Moderator Gary Groth talks to key figures in comics history about all aspects of the company, from the beginnings of the Comics Journal in the mid-1970s to its present-day profile as the publisher of cartooning powerhouses like Charles M. Schulz, R. Crumb, Daniel Clowes, and Los Bros Hernandez. Featuring special surprise guests! Room 7B

5:00-6:00 Spotlight on Howard Porter -- Coming off an amazing collaboration with Geoff Johns on The Flash, Comic-Con special guest Howard Porter speeds right into the relaunch of Shazam! with Judd Winick. Porter seems to be the go-to guy when it comes to relaunches at DC, with his work with Grant Morrison reestablishing JLA as one of their premiere books. DCU senior editor Mike Carlin interviews Porter in this special spotlight presentation. Room 1A

5:00-6:00 Marvel: Halo Graphic Novel -- The best-selling video game has hit the four-color world in a stunning new graphic novel. Join Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada and meet the men and women behind the graphic novel, and find out the future of Halo in the world of graphic fiction. Room 6A

5:00-6:00 The Art of Dan DeCarlo -- For nearly six decades, Dan DeCarlo entertained the world with his unique cartooning talents. Though best known as the definitive Archie Comics artist and creator of Josie and the Pussycats, DeCarlo also brought his unique style to dozens of other characters including Millie The Model, Willie Lumpkin, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Big Boy, Batman, and even The Simpsons. Though Dan passed away in 2001, his brilliant art lives on in Innocence and Seduction: The Art of Dan DeCarlo, a new lavishly illustrated retrospective book from Fantagraphics. Join the author and the designer of the book, Bill Morrison (The Simpsons) and Serban Cristescu (Futurama) for a big screen look at the art and life of one of the world's all-time best cartoonists. Room 9

5:30-7:00 Lost In Translation: Translating Manga -- Foreign entertainment has taken the comics and animation industry by storm in the past several years, and with the heightened interest, it's a good time to see how the process works. Long-time translators and producers explain the nuts and bolts of translating in the American entertainment industries such as comics, manga, anime, and games. Join William Flanagan (xxxHolic), Charles McCarter (Ghost in the Shell: SAC), Jonathan Tarbox (Angel Sanctuary), Nobby Matsuo (Samurai Champloo: Sidetracked), and Jake Forbes (Fullmetal Alchemist) for stories and Q&A! Room 1B

5:30-7:00 Masters of American Comics -- Masters of American Comics is the sensational new exhibition revolutionizing the art world. Co-curator Brian Walker (The Comics Before 1945; The Comics Since 1945) explains how the century's 15 top artists were selected. From the Hammer Museum, Cynthia Burlingham, coordinating curator, and Claudine Dixon, catalog coordinator, share amazing behind-the-scenes tales. And two lenders, cartoon entrepreneur Denis Kitchen (Steve Krupp's Gallery) and cartoonist/designer/writer Craig Yoe (Arf book series), reveal the joys and agonies of collecting original comics art. Masters events participant and author Michael Dooley (The Education of a Comics Artist) moderates this lively, illustrated discussion. Room 8

6:00-7:00 Spotlight on Billy Martinez -- San Diego–based artist Billy Martinez is a publisher, writer/artist, and teacher. His Kickass Girl for his own Neko Press has also appeared in Heavy Metal, and Billy is one of the leading comics art teachers in the city. Hear him talk about what's next for Neko Press and himself! Room 1A

6:00-7:00 A.C.T.O.R.: A Guide for Comics Pros and their Taxes/Finances -- When you're a professional in comics, you are in charge of your own destiny, including paying your taxes and funding your retirement. But how are you supposed to save any money when Uncle Sam takes it all?! If you do have any money left over, where do you put it? IRAs, SEPs, savings accounts or bank CDs, what's the difference? What happens to you and your family if you get sick and are unable to work? Sponsored by A.C.T.O.R., Harlan Wenig (independent financial advisor) and Joe Davidson (registered tax preparer) will explore the financial aspects of being a comic book industry professional. Room 3

6:00-7:00 SLG Publishing's 20th Anniversary -- Dan Vado he looks back at the biggest mistake he ever made; the decision to publish comic books. Watch as Vado cries in his beer and laments over 20 years of misspent youth, wasted time, and lost money. Room 4

6:00-7:00 DC: 52: A Year in the Life of the DCU -- The DC Universe skipped a year and left everyone wondering what happened in those missing 52 weeks. This can't-miss panel looks at the ramifications of the Crisis, the absence of the world's greatest heroes, and those left to pick up the pieces in an event that is unprecedented in comics history! Hosted by senior VP/executive editor DCU Dan DiDio and editor Steve Wacker, with Geoff Johns (52, Teen Titans), Greg Rucka (52, Checkmate), Mark Waid (52, Supergirl and the Legion of Super-heroes), Grant Morrison (52, Batman), J. G. Jones (52), and more. Room 6B

6:00-7:00 Keenspot 2006: Spotlight on Awesomeness -- The world-renowned Internet powerhouse that makes webcomics history with every new pixel returns to Comic-Con for its 6th annual panel discussion! Keenspot creators who may very well appear (assuming no cool Star Trek panels overlap with this one) include Dan Shive (El Goonish Shive), Jennie Breeden (The Devil's Panties), Aeire (Queen of Wands), R. Smith (Funny Farm), and Darren Bleuel (Nukees). The panei will be moderated by Keencast hosts Chris Daily (Striptease) and John Troutman (Flint Again), who will be podcasting this panel. Hear Keenspot's late-breaking big announcements and preview their newest comics and animation projects before anyone else! Free Keenspot giveaways for everyone who attends. Room 9

8:30-11:30 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards -- The 18th annual Eisner Awards, the "Oscars" of the comics industry, will be given out by celebrity presenters, along with such other prestigious awards as the Russ Manning Promising Newcomer Award and the Bob Clampett Humanitarian Award. This year's master of ceremonies is Bongo Comics' Bill Morrison. Admission to the Eisners is free to all Comic-Con attendees --just be sure to bring your badge. Doors open for pros and VIPs at 7:30 and for attendees at 8:15. Room 20

Saturday, July 22

10:30-11:30 Spotlight on Scott Williams -- One of the hottest inkers in comics is a Comic-Con special guest for the first time. Known best for his longtime collaboration with Jim Lee, Scott Williams currently inks All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder. Coming up: the return of WildCATS, written by Grant Morrison, penciled by Lee, and inked by Williams. Scott answers your questions in this special spotlight event, moderated by Scott Dunbier, executive editor, WildStorm. Room 1A

10:30-12:00 What Is Mainstream? -- Batton Lash (Supernatural Law), Andy Runton (Owly), Linda Medley (Castle Waiting), Eric Jones and Landry Walker (Kid Gravity/Super Scary Monster Show), Brian Fies (Mom's Cancer), Bryce P. Coleman (TOKYOPOP), and Charlie Kochman (senior editor of HNA Books) offer a lively discussion on the state of mainstream comics, the emergence of the "new mainstream," and the current rapid expansion of comics into mainstream culture and entertainment. Moderated by Chris Brandt (IFC's Comic-Con Chronicles). Room 2

10:30-12:00 Comic Book Law School 303: Why Can't You Behave?! -- This third workshop with noted attorney Michael Lovitz will deal with more advanced issues facing authors, artists, and designers, particularly once they've "broken through" and have started publishing and selling (and maybe merchandising, too). Infringements, knock-offs, lawsuits, cybersquatters, and parodies are just a few of the potential problems creators can face once their works come to market. Juggling creativity with legal and business issues can seem difficult or sometimes even downright impossible. Attendees will discuss problems creators face once the creative process ends and publication begins and are invited to participate in brainstorming sessions on ways of avoiding, or minimizing, these bumps in the creative road. Plus discussions about recent legal decisions affecting the field of popular culture and how these issues play an important role in your creative and business plans. Room 3

10:30-11:30 50 Years of The Flash -- Barry Allen sped into our lives 50 years, ago and comics have never been the same since! Jumpstarting the Silver Age of Comics, The Flash celebrates its 50th anniversary in this special panel featuring some of the best writers and artists to grace the title. Moderator Mark Waid, a Flash writer himself, talks to artist Carmine Infantino (who redesigned the character in 1956 and is indelibly associated with the title); writer Geoff Johns, who wrote the book for a long run ending last year; artist Howard Porter, who collaborated with Johns on his last story arcs in the series; and cover artist Brian Bolland, who produced a memorable run of covers for the series. Fast talk from a group who knows the character best! Room 5AB

10:30-11:30 Wayans Bros.: In Living Color! -- The Wayans Bros. (Scary Movie, White Chicks, Little Man, and others) are bringing their comedic flavor and genius to comic books with their company 5-D Comics. They've partnered with two-time "Publisher of the Year" IDW Publishing to launch their first series, Super Bad James Dynomite. Join the Wayans Bros. for this live Q&A session! Room 6CDEF

10:30-11:30 Comic Arts Conference Session #7: Toon Town -- Kent Worcester (Marymount Manhattan College) presents an illustrated lecture on New York City and comic books, focusing on a handful of iconic characters whose carefully staged performances make skillful use of NYC's streets, architecture, and larger-than-life personalities. While it is widely recognized that NYC has played a unique role in the development of the comic book as an industry, as a creative medium, and as a resource for artists and writers, it is also worth noting that the familiar conventions of comic book page composition offer a hidden visual echo of the grid system of Manhattan. Native New Yorker Danny Fingeroth (New York University, The New School) responds to and dialogues with Worcester. Room 7B

10:30-11:30 Oni Press Spotlight -- Ande Parks (Capote in Kansas), Cameron Stewart (Apocalypstix), Ray Fawkes (Apocalypstix), Corey Lewis (Sharknife), Antony Johnston (Wasteland), Hunter Covington (TV's My Name is Earl), and others join Oni Press editor-in-chief James Lucas Jones for a look at what's coming up from the mischief makers at Oni Press in 2007 and beyond! Plus Q&A! Room 8

10:30-11:30 DC Talent Search 3 -- Find out what DC Comics is looking for when it comes to artists and whether you have the right stuff to draw for the DC Universe, WildStorm, or Vertigo! This informative orientation session will explain how DC's Talent Search works. If you want your work reviewed, attendance at this orientation session is mandatory --not all attendees are guaranteed a review. Room 9

11:30-12:30 Spotlight on Kurt Busiek -- Get to know Kurt Busiek, writer of Action Comics, Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis, Superman, and Astro City, as he sits down for an in-depth conversation, answering all your questions! Find out what's next for Superman, the heroes of Astro City, and more. Room 1A

11:30-12:30 Spotlight on Kazuo Koike -- Kazuo Koike, author of some of the greatest graphic fiction ever created (Lone Wolf and Cub, Crying Freeman), has attained legendary status not only in his native Japan but in all parts of the world. Within the comics industry, Mr. Koike is unusual in having achieved the pinnacle of fame and admiration as an author alone. SDCC 2006 marks the first-ever time that Mr. Koike has visited an American convention, here to help celebrate the 20th anniversary his English language publisher, Dark Horse Comics. July marks the release of Koike's Path of the Assassin, which will also see the end of the ten-part Samurai Executioner and the four-part Lady Snowblood. Room 6A

11:30-1:00 Marvel: Cup o' Joe -- It's no-holds-barred, rapid-fire news and Q&A, shooting from the hip with the Q himself: Marvel editor-in-chief, Joe Quesada. This is one panel you don't want to miss! Room 6B

11:30-1:00 Comic Arts Conference Session #8: The Supervillain, from Antagonist to Protagonist: Celebrating the Supervillain in Today's Comics -- Contributors to The Supervillain Book: The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Comic-Book and Hollywood Masterminds, Megalomaniacs, and Menaces (Visible Ink Press, 2006), Gina Misiroglu (Visible Ink Press), Peter Coogan (Superhero: The Secret Origin of a Genre), Michael Eury (Back Issue), Peter Sanderson (Comics in Context), Heidi MacDonald (The Beat), and Alex Boney (Ohio State University) discuss the popularity of the villain in the popular culture, the evolution of the villain in comics, characters who have alternately been hero and villains, and the modern supervillain (including the villain-centric trend in comic-book publishing today with books like Villains United). These topics are framed within an overarching presentation of how the villain is reflected in the popular culture. Room 7B

11:30-12:30 Top Cow: Freshmen -- Top Cow president/COO Matt Hawkins, the Freshmen crew with Seth Green (Robot Chicken, Austin Powers) and Hugh Sterbakov, and the rest of the herd will showcase next year's big launches and projects! Room 8

12:00-1:30 Masters of Alternative Comics -- The brothers who helped start the alternative comics movement with Love and Rockets, Gilbert Hernandez (Sloth) and Jaime Hernandez (Locas), are joined by other contemporary masters of the genre: Ivan Brunetti (Schizo), Mary Fleener (Life of the Party), Roger Langridge (Fred the Clown), and Souther Salazar (Kramer's Ergot). Meet all six as they show their best work, detail their influences, and engage in lively discussion with author Michael Dooley (The Education of a Comics Artist). Room 2

12:30-1:30 TOKYOPOP and The Jim Henson Company present Labyrinth and Dark Crystal Manga -- From the creative forces of The Jim Henson Company and TOKYOPOP comes the continuation of two of the most endearing fantasy films of all time. Jake T. Forbes (writer) and Chris Lie (artist) of Return to Labyrinth and Barbara Kesel (writer) of Legends of the Dark Crystal discuss their exciting new books. Accompanying the creators will be Michael Polis, senior VP of marketing and home entertainment of The Jim Henson Company and TOKYOPOP editors Rob Valois and Tim Beedle. Plus, get a free Labyrinth manga poster. Room 1A

12:30-2:00 Quick Draw -- The awesome powers of three top cartoonists face their ultimate challenge: Can they think as fast as they can sketch? Can they sketch as fast as they can think? See whether Sergio Aragonés, Scott Shaw!, and Kyle Baker are able to break the cartooning sound barrier! Mark Evanier, as usual, puts them through their paces. Room 6CDEF

12:30-2:00 Spotlight on Everett Raymond Kinstler -- Only one comic book artist has gone on to paint the official portraits of presidents, not to mention portraits of some of the top celebrities in the world. Everett Raymond Kinstler's evocative storytelling and line work in comics and on book covers made him a standout artist. His later career as a fine artist includes over 1,200 portraits, including the official White House portraits of Presidents Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan. Comics and pop culture historian Jim Vadeboncoeur Jr. (author, Everett Raymond Kinstler: The Artist's Journey Through Popular Culture) interviews Kinstler on his life in comics and as one of the country's leading painters. Room 8

12:30-1:30 Flight: A New Kind of Comics Anthology -- The critically acclaimed Flight anthology has begun paving the way for a new vision in comics. Flight artists Kazu Kibuishi (Daisy Kutter), Phil Craven, Kean Soo (Jellaby), Jeff Smith (Bone), Steve Hamaker, and special guest Scott McCloud (Understanding Comics, Making Comics) talk about creating comics for a new generation of readers and artists. Room 9

1:00-2:30 DCU: One Year Greater -- With the world in post-Crisis shock, there's a lot of picking up to do. Look into the future of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman --not to mention Green Lantern, Green Arrow, the Flash, and all your other DCU favorites --in this slide-show presentation moderated by Dan DiDio, senior VP/executive editor, DCU, and Bob Wayne, VP, sales. Joining them will be editor Steve Wacker and creators Terry Dodson (Wonder Woman), Geoff Johns (Teen Titans, 52), Kurt Busiek (Action Comics, Aquaman, Superman), Ivan Reis (Green Lantern), Gail Simone (Birds of Prey, Secret Six, All-New Atom), Grant Morrison (52, Batman, WildCATS), Judd Winick (Green Arrow, The Outsiders), Greg Rucka (52, Checkmate), Jimmy Palmiotti (Crisis Aftermath: The Battle for Bludhaven, Jonah Hex, Secret Six), Paul Dini (Detective Comics), and Brad Meltzer (Identity Crisis, the upcoming Justice League of America). Room 6B

1:00-2:00 Comic Arts Conference Session #9: Comics as Philosophy -- Jeff McLaughlin (Thompson Rivers University) editor of Comics as Philosophy (University Press of Mississippi, 2005) and contributor R. C. Harvey (The Art of the Comic Book; The Genius of Winsor McCay) present an overview of their inventive essay anthology that uses comics to explore the tenets of philosophy via a wide variety of genres, from mainstream superhero comics to graphic novels of social realism to European adventure classics, including existentialism in Daniel Clowes's graphic novel Ghost World, ecocriticism in Paul Chadwick's long-running Concrete series, political philosophies in Hergé's perennially popular The Adventures of Tintin, and how superhero comics have responded to 9/11 and reflect the anxieties of the contemporary world. Room 7B

1:30-2:30 VIZ Media's Shonen Jump Panel featuring Nobuhiro Watsuki -- This panel features the editors of both the Japanese and U.S. Shonen Jump as well as Nobuhiro Watsuki, the creator of the hit series Rurouni Kenshin and the upcoming Buso Renkin! Two such diverse manga from a single creator --where did these story ideas originate? Also take a sneak peek at the promo animation video of Buso Renkin, never before seen in the U.S. Panelists also include Hisashi Sasaki, original editor and current deputy editor-in-chief of Weekly Shonen Jump; Takanori Asada, current editor of Weekly Shonen Jump; Yumi Hoashi, editor-in-chief, Shonen Jump, and others. Room 1A

1:30-2:30 eigoMANGA Manga Tutorials and Portfolio Review -- eigoMANGA has emerged as one of the most influential and promising anime and manga brands in the United States because of its work in the American manga publications Rumble Pak and Sakura Pakk. Austin Osueke (Rumble Pak, Sakura Pakk), Pittaya Yuthrayard (Rumble Pak, God Drug), Caitlin Moriarity (Sakura Pakk), Alvaro Gutierrez (Anime Mix), Oscar Gutierrez, Jr. (Shibuya Airwaves), and Nicolas Baltazar will demonstrate artistic and storytelling techniques on creating professional-level manga. They will also review and critique manga artwork for artists hoping to break into the world of manga. Room 3

1:30-2:30 Spotlight on Roger Langridge -- The Eisner, Harvey, Ignatz, and Reuben Award --nominated cartoonist is a first-time special guest at Comic-Con! Roger Langridge's hilarious work includes Fred the Clown and Knuckles, the Malevolent Nun. He also publishes Hotel Fred on the web. Comics historian and journalist Tom Spurgeon interviews Roger. Room 9

1:30-3:00 2nd Annual Valiant Open Conference -- Join Valiant fans for an in-depth discussion about the Valiant Universe. Past Valiant creators will be on hand for an ask-anything panel, up-close and personal. For more information visit Room 24A

2:00-3:00 Terry Moore -- Meet the creator behind Strangers in Paradise at this one-man panel where Terry Moore promises to dish the dirt and reveal all the shocking secrets behind the scenes at SiP. Find out why a romance comic can enthrall the comics industry for 13 years and what Terry plans to do when the series ends next May. Room 1B

2:00-3:00 Comic Arts Conference Session #10: Poster Session -- Want to go in depth with a comics scholar? The poster session provides that opportunity. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, scholars' PowerPoint presentations will be available to read in printed "poster books," then the scholars will be present at the poster session to discuss their presentations in small-group and one-on-one discussions. Dana Anderson (Binghamton University) examines social commentary in the intertwining of verbal and visual meaning in A Tale of One Bad Rat. Christian Hill (CSU Fullerton) surveys the genesis of a new branch to the comic art family tree: "gallery comics," which combine the language of comics with the properties of paintings and art prints. Matt Poslusny (Widener University) looks at the presentation of the theory of evolution and the image of Charles Darwin in comics of Darwin's generation and today. Leonora Soledad (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais) examines Brazilian underground cartoonist Lourenco Murtarelli's recasting of the detective genre in his graphic novel trilogy The Saga of the Diomendes Detective. Artist Darick Chamberlin ( presents Earth X as a "canon-bending" example of the staging of metahistory, a process of critical reimagination of previous narratives. Patrick Jagoda (Duke University) examines the depiction of torture in Alan Moore's V for Vendetta and Grant Morrison's The Invisibles and how these works offer a new language to depict pain and to problematize the unjust practice of torture. Aaron Kashtan (Dartmouth University) explores the use of formal hybridity and cultural hybridity in Dylan Horrocks's graphic novel Hicksville. Matthew Smith (Wittenberg University) looks at ways scholars and fans have used the auteur theory to scrutinize and legitimize comics creators. Eric Schlegel (Dade County Public Schools) employs queer studies to examine the commonalities of our own mundane world heroics and those spandex and cape crowd via the concepts of the secret identity, gender identity, and outsider status in Superman, Wonder Woman, and Nightcrawler. John Walsh (Indiana University) defines and traces the development of a "Kirby genre" and looks at this genre in the context of antecedents from classic literature and the visual arts in which the work of a single artist, such as Shakespeare or Titian. Room 7B

2:30-4:00 National Cartoonists Society: Producing A Daily Comic Strip --How Hard Can That Be? -- Nationally syndicated comic strip creators pull back the curtain on their "glamorous" profession. Hear behind-the-scenes confessions from Brian Walker (Beetle Bailey), Dan Piraro (Bizarro), Jeff Keane (Family Circus), Michael Jantze (The Norm), and Andrew Feinstein (Girls and Sports). Room 1A

2:30-3:30 Todd McFarlane: The Devil's in the Details -- Todd McFarlane and associates will talk about the current projects of the McFarlane companies, including McFarlane Toys' current toy lines, upcoming licenses and the future of Todd's cutting-edge toy company. The panel will also preview upcoming new comic titles and review the changes to the core titles in Todd's comics company. The newest project (an animated video for Disturbed's Land of Confusion) from Todd McFarlane Entertainment will be shown. The panel will also discuss the many changes and new features coming to the McFarlane companies' website,, and open the floor to questions from the audience. Panel participants include Todd McFarlane (Spawn), TME president Terry Fitzgerald, Brian Haberlin (Spawn), David Hine (Strange Embrace, Spawn), Philip Tan (Uncanny X-Men, Spawn), and Brian Holguin (Spawn). Room 5AB

2:30-4:00 Spotlight on Shag -- If every picture tells a story, Josh Agle (better known as Shag, a contraction of the last two letters of his first name and the first two of his last) has hundreds of stories to tell. His work, punctuated by a playful, vividly colored style, has entered the pop culture pantheon by storm. Comic-Con special guest Shag talks about his work and answers your questions in this special event. Room 6A

2:30-4:00 Spotlight on Yoshihiro Tatsumi -- 2006 marks the first Comic-Con appearance of Yoshihiro Tatsumi, who is known as the grandfather of alternative manga in Japan. Regarded highly by cartoonists --and fans --all over the world, Tatsumi's work has finally made it into English translation with the publication of Drawn and Quarterly's edition of The Push Man and Other Stories, reprinting classic stories from the artist's 1960s period. Tatsumi's work predated the advent of the literary graphic novel movement in the U.S. by 30 years. Tatsumi is interviewed by writer/artist Adrian Tomine, who edited the English edition of The Push Man. Room 9

3:00-4:00 Dark Horse Horror -- Dark Horse is the only major comics publisher with a strong focus on the genre of horror, and we've got the panel to prove it! A handful of comics' top horror creators, including Steve Niles (Criminal Macabre), Jason Alexander (Damn Nation), and Eric Powell (The Goon), plus editors Scott Allie and Shawna Gore, and Bernie Wrightson (the upcoming City of Others) will be on hand to discuss the ins and oozings of the horror genre with you, and they'll be making two exclusive announcements about upcoming Dark Horse horror projects. Not for the squeamish! Room 4

3:00-4:00 Judge Dredd: Still Crazy After All These Years -- Not even Sylvester Stallone could stop him! Comic-Con special guests John Wagner (co-creator of Judge Dredd and still working on the character almost 30 years after Dredd's creation) and Brian Bolland (one of the seminal artists on the strip) talk about their work on what is quite possibly Great Britain's most famous comics character. Joining John and Brian is the current editor of 2000 AD, Matt Smith. Moderated by Tom Spurgeon, comics historian and journalist. Room 7B

3:00-4:00 Comic Book Writers Talk About Writing -- From creative issues to business matters, from breaking in to breaking out, top comics writers Tom DeFalco (Spider-Girl), Kurt Busiek (Astro City), Robert Kirkman (Invincible), Steven Grant (The Punisher), and a couple of surprise guests talk about their art, their craft, and whatever else may come up. They'll answer your questions, too. If you've ever wondered how comics writers think and how they make the choices they make, this panel is for you. Moderated by longtime Spider-Man group editor Danny Fingeroth (editor-in-chief, Write Now Magazine). Room 8

3:00-4:00 Little Lulu Fan Group Meeting -- One of the most memorable kids' comics ever published, Little Lulu has generated a fan following around the world. Learn more about Lulu and attend the annual radio-play-style reading of a classic Lulu story (written by the great John Stanley). All are welcome! Room 24A

3:30-4:30 Image Comics -- This is your chance to get a first look at what red hot books Image Comics has in store for the rest of the year and into 2007! Join publisher Erik Larsen (Savage Dragon) along with creators Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead, Invincible), Joe Casey (Gødland), Rick Remender (Fear Agent, Sea of Red), Steve Niles (The Cryptics), C. B. Cebulski (Drain), and more as they discuss both current and upcoming projects from Image Comics! Room 2

3:30-4:30 Spotlight on Brad Meltzer -- The New York Times best-selling author of such books as The Tenth Justice, The Millionaires, and the upcoming The Book of Fate is also the writer behind DC Comics' Identity Crisis and the new ongoing Justice League book. Brad Meltzer talks about his career and his life-long love of comics and where he plans to take the World's Greatest Superheroes. Room 5AB

3:30-5:00 Promoting a Safe And Enjoyable Environment for Collecting and Investing in Comic Books -- This open meeting/panel presentation will focus on new and forthcoming developments in the comic book community. Representatives from the newly created Network of Disclosure (, the American Association of Comicbook Collectors (, and others will discuss their respective organizations and ideas for the future of the hobby. All collectors, dealers, and prospective new members are welcome to attend. Presenters include David Armstrong, AACC; Brent Moeshlin, NOD; Mark S. Zaid, NOD; and others. Room 22

4:00-5:00 Bongo Comics Sneak Peek -- Bongo Comics offers a mouth-watering preview of upcoming projects featuring The Simpsons and Futurama. Managing editor Terry Delegeane and creative director Bill Morrison will host a panel featuring the writers and artists who create the comics and books based on Matt Groening's phenomenal TV shows. Learn the answers to the questions that keep you awake at night! Will the Infinite Crisis alter Homer's craving for pork rinds? Will the Civil War cause a split between Fry and Bender? Will Bongo get sued if they actually do stories based on concepts from other comic book companies? Get the answers to these questions, plus find out what's in the future for Futurama Comics, who's lurking in this year's star-studded issue of Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror, and what to expect in Simpsons Super Spectacular. This is a "must-attend" panel for all fans of The Simpsons and Futurama and anyone looking for a place to sit down. Room 1A

4:00-5:00 Spotlight on Mark Buckingham -- Fables artist Mark Buckingham (The Sandman, Death: The High Cost of Living) and Vertigo group editor Shelly Bond present a Q&A session that promises to charm and entertain. Room 1B

4:00-5:00 How to Make Compelling Web Comics -- Lee Marrs (Pudge, Girl Blimp, Indiana Jones) will present the most direct methods and pitfalls of creating both webcomics and interactive hypercomics, with demonstrations and examples. The direct-from-the-trenches "Marrs Hypercomics Recipe" will be shared by this Inkpot Award winner and Emmy Award–winning TV art director. Room 3

4:00-5:00 Fantagraphics: The Ignatz Slide Show and Preview -- In 2005, Fantagraphics launched one of its most ambitious projects: a full line of deluxe comics from the international creme de la creme of cartoonists. Editor/translator Kim Thompson will present a slide show of current and upcoming projects from (among others) Marti, Lorenzo Mattotti, Igort, Kevin Huizenga, Gabriella Giandelli, David (Epileptic) B., Richard Sala, Anders Nilsen, Zak Sally, the Eisner award–nominated Gipi, as well as Gilbert Hernandez, who will be in attendance to discuss his upcoming Ignatz title, New Tales of Old Palomar, returning to his "Heartbreak Soup" stories after a ten-year break. Room 4

4:00-5:00 The Center for Cartoon Studies Summer Celebration -- The premier cartooning school in the country celebrates its one-year anniversary with faculty members Tom Devlin (Drawn and Quarterly), Kevin Huizenga (Curses, Or Else), James Kochalka (Super F*ckers, American Elf), co-founder James Sturm (Unstable Molecules, The Golem's Mighty Swing), and students Lauren O'Connell and Penina Gal! Hear James K. sing the CCS fight song! Grab a free copy of the school's spanking new brochure --an amazing 20-page Kevin Huizenga comic! Be the first to hear about the Diamond Comic Distributors "Diamond In The Rough" full-tuition scholarship! Room 7B

4:00-5:30 The Annual Golden/Silver Age Panel -- A gathering of veterans of the comic book biz, this year featuring Sheldon Moldoff (Batman), Everett Raymond Kinstler (Hawkman), Luis Dominguez (Jonah Hex), John Romita (Amazing Spider-Man), Arnold Drake (The Doom Patrol), and Irwin Hasen (All-Star Comics). Mark Evanier hosts. Room 8

4:30-6:00 Scott Shaw! Presents Oddball Comics -- Direct from his live stage show at Hollywood's ACME Comedy Theater, award-winning cartoonist Scott Shaw! (Simpsons Comics; Weird Tales Of The Ramones; Captain Carrot And His Amazing Zoo Crew!; The Flintstones, etc.) presents the wildest version yet of Oddball Comics ( --"the craziest comic books ever published" --as seen over the past four decades! See why Stan Lee says, "Scott Shaw!'s hysterically hilarious Oddball Comics is the wildest, wackiest exposé of some of the craziest comic books I've ever seen!" Room 5AB

5:00-6:00 Eric Shanower's Road to Oz -- Journey down the Yellow Brick Road to the Land of Oz with Eric Shanower (Age of Bronze). Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Ozma, and all the rest cavort through Shanower's Oz stories and illustrations. Celebrate IDW Publishing's new compilation of Shanower's Oz graphic novels, Adventures in Oz, and see the many other Oz projects Eric has created. Room 1A

5:00-6:00 ComicBase Users Group Meeting -- Attention all comic collectors! ComicBase, the world's premier program for managing comic collections, presents a users group meeting open to all interested collectors. Don't miss out on this once-a-year opportunity to hear creator Peter Bickford, along with Geoffrey Kimball and Neil Bickford, chat about special program features, ComicBase tips and tricks, and get all the behind-the-scenes dirt on the making of the program. They'll also be introducing Atomic Avenue, a new online system that interfaces with ComicBase to allow you to buy and sell your comics online. Don't miss out on your chance to win limited-edition prizes and giveaways! Room 1B

5:00-6:00 The 2nd Annual Fanboy Radio Panel -- "The Voice of Comics" returns to San Diego with an even bigger, better panel than last year! Host of the comic book radio talk show Oliver Tull will moderate "A Civil Conversation" with panelists Scott Hinze (other host of FbR) and guests including Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief, Marvel Comics), Heidi MacDonald (comics blogger of The Beat), Robert Kirkman (Invincible, Marvel Team Up), David Hopkins (Emily Edison), Scott Kurtz (PvP) and more! Join the rambunctious hour filled with special announcements, prizes, and tons of fun! Room 4

5:00-6:00 Pirates, Bikes, and Demons: The Art of S. Clay Wilson -- From the grungy streets of Haight-Ashbury to the high-falutin' walls of the Art Institute of Chicago, underground artist and Zap Comics co-founder S. Clay Wilson has been pushing art into an unfathomably vulgar realm for over 40 years. A mentor to R. Crumb, his fans include Leonardo DiCaprio and Chrissie Hynde. Come hear the legend tell stories about his art, characters, and the riffraff he's rubbed elbows with, as he celebrates his birthday weekend with the release of his long-awaited career retrospective, The Art of S. Clay Wilson. Room 7B

5:30-7:00 Gays in Comics, Year 19: Infinitely Out and Civil Pride -- From Young Avengers to Batwoman, Freedom Ring to Tough Love, gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered (GLBT) characters are popping up more in mainstream comics, and GLBT creators are writing, drawing, or self-publishing more than ever. At its near-two-decade mark, the annual Gays in Comics panel takes the pulse of queer comicdom, showcasing some groundbreaking creators and their insights. Joining moderator Andy Mangels (writer of Star Trek novels, director of He-Man and She-Ra DVD documentaries) are Patty Jeres (past DC director of marketing communications, current PRISM board member), Abby Denson (creator of Tough Love: High School Confidential graphic novel), Greg Rucka (writer of Gotham Central, 52, Checkmate), Gail Simone (writer of Secret Six, Birds of Prey), Marc Andreyko (writer of Manhunter), and Phil Jimenez (artist/writer of Infinite Crisis, Otherworld). Afterward, stick around for an hour-long gay comic fan mixer/social, sponsored by PRISM Comics! Room 6A

5:30-6:30 Spotlight on James Kochalka -- One of the most prolific artists in alternative comics, James Kochalka is a first-time special guest at Comic-Con. His work, which includes American Elf, Monkey vs. Robot, and Peanutbutter & Jeremy, has been nominated for Eisner, Harvey, and Ignatz awards. James will talk about his work and answer your questions in this spotlight event. Room 8

6:00-7:00 Spotlight on Yoshitaka Amano -- BOOM! Studios presents the genre-crossing artist. Best known for his work on the Final Fantasy videogame series, Yoshitaka Amano is one of the most popular artists working today, and his work includes illustration, game design, and manga. His American-based work includes The Sandman: The Dream Hunters for Vertigo and Wolverine/Elektra for Marvel. Room 2

6:00-7:00 Webcomics 103: Making Money -- Can you really make a living posting comics to the web? Bill Barnes (Unshelved) leads fellow webcomic businessfolk Robert Khoo (Penny Arcade), Howard Tayler (Schlock Mercenary), Phillip Karlsson (Dumbrella Hosting), and Jennie Breeden (The Devil's Panties) in a discussion on how they turn bits into bucks. Room 3

6:00-7:30 Remembering Alex Toth -- This unique artist was one of the true innovators in both the comic book and animation worlds. Alex died this May. To celebrate his life and career, his friends and colleagues share memories of his work and life. Join Golden Age legend and Toth mentor Irwin Hasen (Green Lantern, Wildcat), inker and Disney artist Mike Royer (Winnie the Pooh), internationally renowned sculptor and animator Ruben Procopio (The Little Mermaid, The Lion King), Disney animator Tom de Rosier (Mulan, Tarzan), author/publisher of the Toth book Dear John, John Hitchcock, and two of Alex's four children: son Eric Toth (international automotive designer) and daughter Dana Palmer (photographer). The panel will be moderated by Toth's long-time friend and AACC president, David Armstrong. There will be a display of original artwork commemorating Toth's distinctive artistic vision on Sunday at the Omni San Diego Hotel Room 5, from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. Room 4

6:00-7:00 Fans Turned Pro: Johns, Meltzer, and Winick -- As kids we read comics and dream of one day making them. These fans in particular are now living that dream and have become some of the best talent working in the industry today. Join Geoff Johns (52, Action Comics, Green Lantern, Teen Titans), Brad Meltzer (Identity Crisis, the upcoming Justice League of America), and Judd Winick (Green Arrow, The Outsiders) as they discuss how they got where they are and what they plan on doing next. Weigh in as these MVPs give us their take on DC's amazing characters! Room 5AB

6:00-7:00 Jack Kirby Museum and Research Center -- Members of the Board of Trustees Lisa Kirby (president), John Morrow (vice president) and Randolph Hoppe (secretary/treasurer) discuss the Museum's activities in this early stage of its development and talk of its plans for the future. Short multimedia pieces will be shown, including video footage of Jack throughout his career. Room 7B

7:00-8:00 Gays in Comics Mixer -- The follow-up to the 19th annual Gays in Comics panel. Stick around and socialize! Room 6A

7:00-10:00 CBLDF Free Speech Benefit Auction -- This is the big one! The CBLDF holds its biggest auction of the year at Comic-Con, and this year offers some amazing one-of-a-kind items to raise money for free speech! Primo items include original art by Jim Lee, Will Eisner, Matt Wagner, Neil Gaiman, Jaime Hernandez, Amanda Conner, Terry Moore, Mark Brooks, and many more. Plus a mind-blowing array of rare signed items, including scripts by Garth Ennis, JMS, and Alan Moore, plus scarce comics and books. Support the Fund's current casework in Georgia, and help them shore up reserves to protect comics' First Amendment rights against any threat on the horizon. Preview: 7:00; auction: 7:30. Room 8

Sunday, July 23

Sunday, July 23rd
10:30-11:30 Archie Comics 65th Anniversary Panel -- Archie comics creators Craig Boldman (Archie newspaper strip, Jughead), Tania del Rio (Sabrina, Josie & the Pussy Cats), George Gladir (Archie, Betty, Betty & Veronica), Rich Koslowski (Archie & Friends, Jughead, Sonic), Andrew Pepoy (Archie & Friends: Katy Keene, Betty & Veronica, Sonic), Barbara Slate (Archie, Betty, Betty & Veronica), and staff Fred Mausser (vice president/director of circulation), and Rik Offenberger (public relations coordinator) will discuss upcoming plans at Archie comics, talk about comics for kids, and take questions from the audience. Room 1B

10:30-11:30 Kids' Day Drawing Workshop: Reading/Comics: Raina Telgemeier -- What's your favorite book of all time? Ever wish it were adapted into a comic? Raina Telgemeier (The Baby-sitters Club graphic novels) will give you the tools and tricks you need to transform a book (or a movie, or a television, show, or anything!) into a short comic, which you'll draw on the spot. Room 3

10:30-12:00 Christian Comics Meeting -- Join the CCAS for a Sunday morning time of Christian fellowship and interaction. The meeting will open with song and a prayer, followed by a panel discussion on the role of Christianity in the arts, as seen in the many varieties of Christian comics: educational, evangelistic, allegorical, inspirational, entertainment. Room 4

10:30-11:30 DC: The Big Three -- For one year, DC's three finest heroes were gone. But now they've returned! Find out where they've been and what's in store for the World's Greatest Super-Heroes with the new iconic architects Geoff Johns (Action Comics, 52, Green Lantern, Teen Titans), Grant Morrison (52, Batman, WildCATS), Kurt Busiek (Superman, Aquaman), Terry Dodson (Wonder Woman), Paul Dini (Detective Comics), and group editor Eddie Berganza and senior editor Matt Idelson. Room 5AB

10:30-11:30 Comic Arts Conference Session #11: Comics in the Classroom -- Phillip Troutman (George Washington University) and Cathy Eisenhower (George Washington University), a writing professor and a research librarian, present the results from a collaborative project designed to expand and enrich the constituency of comics scholarship through use of GWU's graphic novels collection. Kimberly Knight (UC Santa Barbara) and Elisabeth Swanstrom (UC Santa Barbara) explain how comics have been integrated into UCSB's Introduction to Literature course as part of the school's Culture of Information curriculum. Room 7B

10:30-11:30 Big-5 War: Spotlight on Luis Dominguez -- Famed comics writer Arnold Drake (Deadman) conducts a rare interview with Luis Dominguez (Weird War Tales) on his decades-spanning career in comics, including war, western, horror, and mystery genres. Room 8

10:30-11:30 History of Webcomics -- Join writer T Campbell (Penny and Aggie, Fans, Rip and Teri) and some possible surprise guests to discuss 13 years of online comics, the challenges, conflicts and controversies of chronicling them, and where the project goes from here. Room 9

10:30-11:30 Friends of Lulu Annual Meeting -- President Katie Merritt and director Shannon Crane discuss Friends of Lulu's past year as well as future plans. Learn what Friends of Lulu is all about and how you can help further FoL's goals of increasing diversity within the comic book industry as well as breaking down stereotypes about women and comics. Nominations will be taken for the new Board of Directors for the 2006–2007 year. The meeting is open to all. Room 24A

11:30-12:30 Digital Manga Publishing -- Rachel Livingston (public relations), Eric Rosenberger (promotional manager), and Erica Jeng (general manager) will be announcing future releases from DMP and Juné. Plus: prizes and giveaways! Room 1B

11:30-1:00 Cover Story: The Art of the Cover -- What does it take to make a great comic book cover? Find out by listening to some folks who've done them, including Neal Adams, Adam Hughes, Mark Chiarello, and Comic-Con special guests Brian Bolland, Basil Gogos, and George Pérez, all being quizzed by your host, Mark Evanier. Room 5AB

11:30-12:30 Mondo Marvel -- Get the scoop on all things Marvel, from Avengers to X-Men and everything in between. Editor-in-chief Joe Quesada, Jeph Loeb (Ultimates 3), Charlie Huston (Moon Knight), Greg Pak (Incredible Hulk), and more gather in one room to share secrets from the House of Ideas. Room 6B

11:30-1:00 Comic Arts Conference Session #12: Ever-Ending Battle Symposium -- Contributors to the Ever-Ending Battle Symposium, published in the International Journal of Comic Art (Spring 2006), apply thanatology --the study of death and dying, particularly its application to the bereaved or mourning --to the serial storytelling of sequential art and the cultural depictions of death in superhero comics. Jose Alaniz (University of Washington), Dr. Arnold T. Blumberg (Geppi's Entertainment Museum), William Duffy (SUNY Buffalo), Wilbur Farley (SUNY Stony Brook), Abraham Kawa (Aegean University), and Michael Niederhausen (Cuyahoga Community College) explore the deaths of Captain Marvel and Gwen Stacey, the Crisis on Infinite Earths, and the ways epics can be used to understand superhero comics. Room 7B

11:30-1:00 Comics Podcasting -- Meet the faces behind the names of some of the web's most popular comic book podcasts. Find out what it takes to do a podcast and why they do it. Moderated by comics writer B. Clay Moore (Battle Hymn, Hawaiian Dick), the panel will feature podcasters Josh Flanagan (, Bryan Deemer (Comic Geek Speak), Scott Hinze (Fanboy Radio), Lene Taylor (I Read Comics), Joe Gonzalez (Comic News Insider), John Siuntres (Word Balloon), Chris Marshall (Collected Comics Library), Charly La Greca (Indie Spinner Rack), Jose Brito (Los Comic Geekos), and Augie de Blieck Jr. (Comic Book Resources Pipeline). Room 8

11:30-12:30 Spotlight on Gail Simone -- Meet Gail Simone, writer of Birds of Prey, Secret Six, The All-New Atom, and the upcoming Gen13! Gail sits down with her fans to discuss her sterling reputation as a comedy-action writer and her take on empowering the female hero/villain in this not-to-be-missed Q&A. Room 9

12:00-1:30 The Secret Origin of Good Readers -- The original lineup returns with special guests for this sixth edition featuring Dr. Robyn A. Hill (National University, San Diego), Mimi Cruz (Night Flight Comics, Salt Lake City), Mike Carlin (senior editor, DC Universe) and Frank Beddor creator/author/producer, The Looking Glass Wars). The panelists will discuss how teachers, librarians, retailers, and publishers can work together to bring comic books into the classroom for use as an innovative and motivating cross-curricular teaching tool and a vehicle for promoting reading and literacy. Through a multimedia presentation, personal remarks, and a question-and-answer session, the speakers will present an overview of the medium and highlight specific ways that comic books and graphic novels have been used to engage a variety of learners. Breakout sessions will follow the main presentation. The 60+ page resource book The Secret Origin of Good Readers is available for free download at courtesy of Room 1A

12:00-1:00 Emily the Strange -- What's black and red and strange all over? Emily the Strange comics! Join the creators of the underground icon for this fun, freeform panel discussion about the world's most beloved 13-year-old weirdo, and get the inside scoop on the upcoming comic book issues, the first trade paperback collection, upcoming celebrity interviews, and whatever else you can dream of asking. Plus trivia, tall tales, and lots of rockin' Emily door prizes! A panel not to be missed, unless you are too square to know better. Room 2

12:00-1:00 Some Assembly Required: Putting Your Project Together Online -- Creators discuss the joys and pitfalls of assembling creative teams through message boards, online want ads, and e-mail. Panelists include Kody Chamberlain (Tag, Bloodrayne), Tony Lee (Starship Troopers), Diana Greenhalgh (Legend of Isis), Chris Kirby (Lost Squad), and moderator Sean Dulaney. Room 4

12:30-1:30 What's Up With Graphix? New Comics Series for Kids -- Creative director David Saylor and editor Sheila Keenan will discuss with artists Raina Telgemeier (Baby-sitters Club) and Scott Morse (Goosebumps) how they adapted mega-bestselling children's prose series into graphic novels. Room 9

1:00-2:00 The Jewish Side of Comics -- Rabbi Simcha Weinstein (Up Up and Oy Vey) will present Biblical "superhero" archetypes; Danny Fingeroth (Disguised as Clark Kent) will discuss Jewish comics creators and the superheroes they dreamed up; J.T . Waldman (Megillat Esther) will talk about his biblical graphic novel adaptation; and Marv Wolfman (Homeland) will share his thoughts about the graphic novel he's writing, which presents the history of the state of Israel. Moderated by Steven M. Bergson ( Room 4

1:00-2:00 Vertigo Voices: The Fables Forum -- Vertigo group editor Shelly Bond will be joined by the talent behind the now-classic Fables and the spin-off series Jack of Fables. Meet Bill Willingham (Fables, Shadowpact), Mark Buckingham (Fables), Tony Akins (Fables, Jack of Fables), and amazing newcomer Matthew Sturges (Jack of Fables) as they reveal the secrets behind the magic of the Fable world. Room 5AB

1:00-2:30 Comic Arts Conference Session #13: The "Other" Superhero -- Kristy Boney (Ohio State University) examines the way displacement affects the construction of identity for modern superheroines Wonder Woman and Shining Knight. Anita McDaniel (University of North Carolina, Wilmington) answers the question, Will marriage to the Black Panther change Storm? Chris Carpenter (Father's Flicks) explores the mythologies of Superman and other messianic superheroes and links them to scriptural and other messianic traditions. Room 7B

1:30-2:30 The Secret Origin of Good Readers Breakouts -- This year's Secret Origin of Good Readers program offers an extended opportunity for attendees to learn and network through select breakout sessions following the main presentation. Participants will be able to choose from several options, including "Using Comic Book Concepts in the Classroom" facilitated by Dr. Robyn A. Hill (National University); "Promoting Diversity with the Scrapyard Detectives" with Bill Galvan (creator/artist) and Jesse McCann (noted children's author); "Comics & Graphic Novels Collections in Schools and Libraries" with Mimi Cruz (Night Flight Comics) and Nancy McCann (Comics Unlimited); and "The Books/Comics/Graphic Novels/Movie Connection" with Frank Beddor (creator/author/producer, The Looking Glass Wars). Room 1A

2:00-3:00 DeGrassi Graphic Novels -- Writer J. Torres (Teen Titans Go) and artist Ramon Perez (Butternut Squash), along with Simon & Shuster editor Jennifer Heddle, offer a sneak peek at Degrassi: Extra Credit, the new series of graphic novels based on the award-winning Degrassi: The Next GenerationTV show. Room 4

2:00-3:00 DC: Brave New World -- Be here for the next step in the evolution in comics. The Crisis and its aftermath have led to this! Come join senior group editor Mike Carlin and senior editor Matt Idelson with Gail Simone (Secret Six, All-New Atom), Judd Winick (The Trials of Shazam, Green Arrow), Jimmy Palmiotti (Crisis Aftermath: The Battle for Bludhaven, Jonah Hex, Secret Six), Howard Porter (JLA, Trials of Shazam), and more as they take you inside DC's Brave New World. Room 5AB

3:00-4:30 24-Hour Comics Cartoonists' Readings -- Successful international 24-Hour Comics Day Challengers narrate PowerPoint presentations of their stories and share tips and challenges of creating with time constraints. Participating panelists include Nat Gertler (2005 24 Hour Comics Day Highlights), Stan Yan (The Wang), Ethan Wenberg (Mr. Flingpoo), Jenny Colaleo (Beanskin and the Internal Insanity), and Tod Parkhill (Young American Comics). Room 8