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Grace Tan On An Open Call For Comics Criticism
posted March 28, 2008


A graphoscope is a 19th-century parlor instrument used to magnify images and texts. Similarly, Graphoscope, a new web-based comics criticism journal, will explore and illuminate salient aspects of comics and instigate compelling discussion about the medium.

As with any art form, comics needs a solid body of criticism to support it. In the past few years, the medium has proliferated in many fascinating directions and continues to garner public attention and acclaim. Douglas Wolk notes in his book Reading Comics: How Graphic Novels Work and What They Mean that "the language of comics criticism is still young and scrawny -- it's so underdeveloped that there's no good word that means 'comics-ish.'" Building upon the critical foundations of The International Journal of Comics Art, The Comics Journal and Comics Art Magazine, Graphoscope will simultaneously contribute to the on-going comics dialectic while expanding the breadth and language of comics criticism.

Graphoscope will launch its first issue in the summer of 2008, with pieces of criticism by comics artists and publishers such as Zak Sally (La Mano, Recidivist, Sammy the Mouse), Dylan Williams (Sparkplug Comic Books), and Austin English (Christina and Charles) to name a few.

However, we need more contributors and new writers -- comics artist, publisher, critic or aficionado alike. If you've written comics criticism and are looking for a place to see it in print, or if you are an avid reader of comics who has only slightly entertained the idea of writing about it, then you should contact Grace Tran ( for more information.