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John Simons On Comicpalooza's Guest List And Basic Information (PR)
posted April 6, 2009

Comicpalooza: the Free Texas Comic Book Festival

Houston, TX

When: Sat., May 2 from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., Sun, May 3 from noon to 6 p.m.
Where: West Oaks Mall, the corner of Westheimer & Highway 6, Houston, TX
Contact: John Simons, 832-398-3193,

Comicpalooza is the largest free comic book festival in Texas. Coinciding with Free Comic Book and the release of the Wolverine movie, Comicpalooza features a fantastic guest list including Len Wein and Herb Trimpe, the creators of Wolverine, a huge art show, a vendors room with all sorts of collectibles and comics, panel discussions and Q&A sessions with comic creators, special screenings, and a charity art auction benefitting the American Red Cross. Our guests are available for interviews.

Comicpalooza '09 guest list:

Ryan Burton (Houston) -- From winning the Comic Book Challenge at the San 2006 Diego Comic-Con to writing mini-series to taking the reins of 10th Muse for Bluewater Productions, Ryan Burton is quickly developing into a comic creator worth watching

Matt Fraction -- Fraction's critically acclaimed breakthrough title Casanova kicked him downhill like a snowball hurtling down Everest's icy slopes. Now Fraction is an avalanche rolling over titles like the Immortal Iron Fist, Punisher War Journal, Uncanny X-Men, and special Thor issues. Fraction regularly chills on Wizard's Top 10 Writers list.

Kelly-Sue DeConnick -- Besides adapting manga titles such as Kare First Love, Black Cat, Sexy Voice and Robo, and Blue Spring to English for ravenous hordes of anime fans, Kelly Sue writes comic books. She co-wrote IDW's horror tale 30 Days of Night: Eben and Stella with acclaimed writer Steve Niles.

Doug Hazlewood (Houston) -- Doug's first regular inking job was on DC's Animal Man, by Grant Morrison. Since then he has worked on many characters including Superman in the Death of Superman story arc, the Flash, Superboy, the Doom Patrol, Birds of Prey, and currently Secret Six.

Tom Hodges (San Antonio) -- In addition to spearheading the Clone Wars web comic project that appears each week on, Tom has worked on numerous Star Wars web comics and trading cards, making him a key artist in the Star Wars expanded universe. He also created his own comic book character "Midnight," which is printed under the Red 5 imprint.

David Hopkins (Dallas) -- David Hopkins is a beloved Texas indie comic book writer. His work includes Karma Incorporated, Emily Edison (included in ALA's list of "Great Graphic Novels for Teens"), Astronaut Dad, an adaptation of Antigone, and regular contributions to D Magazine. David was recognized in the Dallas Observer's Best Of 2006 as "Best Local Comic Book Writer." He is not as beloved as Matt Fraction.

Mat Johnson (Philadelphia, Houston) -- Mat Johnson is a critically acclaimed novelist who has already won prestigious awards such as the Zora Neale Hurston/Richard Wright Legacy Award for novel of the year in 2003 for Hunting in Harlem. His first comic work was for DC's Vertigo line, Hellblazer Special: Papa Midnight. His most recent Vertigo work, the detective story Incognegro, has marked Mat as a writer to keep your eye on.

Andy Kuhn -- Andy Kuhn has been a professional comics artist since 1994. He has worked for every major American publisher. His titles have included Marvel Adventures, Spider-Man Unlimited, and Marvel Team-Up (Marvel Comics), Blue Beetle, the Flash, Young Justice, and The Joker: Last Laugh (DC Comics). With writer Phil Hester he co-created the critically acclaimed series Firebreather for Image Comics. Cartoon Network is currently producing a Firebreather animated TV movie for the 2009/2010 season. Other recent works by Kuhn include the crime dramas Easy Way (IDW), and 10 (Boom Studios) and the short lived series Rex Mantooth: Kung Fu Gorilla with writer Matt Fraction.

Robert James Luedke -- (Dallas) has been involved in the comic book/graphic novel industry for 15 years. As a life-long skeptic who in 1999 discovered his faith, Robert dedicated his God-gifted creative talents toward using the format of graphic novels to share the gospel story with young people. Since 2002 he has been creating the Eye Witness tetralogy, which present the story of the birth of the Christian Faith, sandwiched between a modern day action-thriller. Robert's goal is to appeal to the teen to young adult reader, whom might never visit a church nor read the Bible...but loves comics, manga and graphic novels! Robert's second book in the series, Eye Witness: Acts of the Spirit, was a winner at the 2007 Hollywood Book Festival (in the category of comics), took a silver medal at the 2007 Independent Publisher Awards, (for graphic novels), and was a finalist in the 2007 FOREWORD Magazine book of the year awards, (for graphic novels). The third (and latest book in the series), Eye Witness: Rise of the Apostle, was the winner in the category of graphic novels at the 2008, Best Book Awards, (sponsored by, and was once again nominated as a finalist for the 2009 Foreword Magazine, Book of the Year Awards.

Rodney Ramos -- Rodney Ramos has been a professional comicbook artist for over 15 years. He started his career as an assistant to Mark Texiera. He next moved on to Marvel comics as a Romita Raider in the art bullpen for the Legendary John Romita. He started penciling for Marvel then on books like Thundercats, What If, Marvel Presents and Psi-Force. He then began inking for Marvel on titles such as the Punisher War Zone. Over the years he has worked at such companies as Marvel comics, Marvel U.K, DC Comics, Valiant, Acclaim comics, Malibu, and Continuity Comics. His inks have graced many titles such as Spider-man, X,-men, Iron-man, Peter Parker, Batman, Wonder Woman and the critically acclaimed Transmetropolitan with Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson. Currently he has worked at DC Comics on 52, Countdown, Green Lantern, Batman, JSA, Green Arrow and the new mini series Bang Tango!

Steve Scott -- Steve began his career with his sequential print illustrations at Malibu comics, and his wildly popular stint on Razor for London Night, as well as New Warriors, Hourman, and JLA for Marvel and DC Comics. Steve's work also appears in the pages of DC Comics' Shadowpact, the Creeper, Batman Legends of the Dark Knight, and Checkmate. He got a particularly special kick out of bringing to life some of DC Comics strangest characters like Detective Chimp, Rex the Wonder Dog, Rag Man, The Phantom Stranger, Creeper and many others. Recent and current projects at Marvel Comics, and DC Comics include working with industry legends Louise Simonson and Chris Claremont on the titles Magik and Exiles. Currently, Steve is working on She-Hulk and Hulk projects and will be working on a high profile Uncanny X-men project even as we speak.

Dirk Strangely (Houston) -- Like some dark elf spinning straw into gold, Dirk Strangely takes superstition and horror and the shadowy netherworld of our racial fears and spins them into a diverse body of artwork. His distinctive sometimes-surreal, sometimes-cartoony, sometimes-realistic style has made Dirk a rising star in the field of horror illustration and a favorite on the convention circuit.

Herb Trimpe -- Herb Trimpe's amazing career in comics spans five different decades, starting in 1966 with a job at Marvel Comics. Herb not only became the seminal artist for the Hulk, but also the first artist to bring the highly popular character Wolverine to life. Herb has also drawn Iron Man, Captain America, the Fantastic Four, the Defenders, Nick Fury, Ant-Man, the Transformers, and many other characters.

Len Wein -- Creator of legendary comic book character SWAMP THING, the HUMAN TARGET, and WOLVERINE and the NEW X-MEN, and many other characters. In TV, Len developed and Story Edited the award-winning WAR PLANETS: SHADOW RAIDERS. He's scripted 60+ episodes of such series as HYPERNAUTS, CONAN, HULK, X-MEN, GODZILLA, SPIDER-MAN, ACTION MAN, STREET FIGHTER, BEAST WARS, BEAST MACHINES, EXOSQUAD, POCKET DRAGON ADVENTURES, many others. Len also received Emmy honors for work on BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES. In comics, Len's been Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics, Disney Comics, and Top Cow Comics, and Senior Editor at DC Comics. He is noted for long runs writing almost every major character in the business. In 2008, Len was inducted into the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame.