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John Vest On The Magic Of Librarians
posted April 17, 2009

I'm always interested when you mention the items you've picked up at your library booksale and also how libraries can be good for comic readers during recessions.

If your library offers interlibrary loan service you may also have access to obtaining comics books from around the country to read. I'm librarian at the Glenvar Library in southwestern Virginia. We've got over 1600 graphic novels/comic collections for checkout and our system does mail out books for interlibrary loan requests.

If you type "comic" in the words or phrase window and choose "Glenvar" under the library scrolldown bar you can browse through the books we offer our library users.

It was actually a library book in the early 70's that influenced my comic reading. I checked out Comix: A History Of Comic Books In America by Les Daniels when I was in junior high school and encountered underground comics for the first time in the last chapter. The Crumb and Deitch cartoons cemented my love of the UGs.