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Rob Schamberger on CSI Novelizations
posted June 21, 2005

Via The Internet

I figured you or your readers could direct me in the right direction on this. I recently saw a collection of Max Allan Collins' first miniseries for CSI, that IDW originally put out. The thing about this collection, though, was that it was sized like a paperback novel, with each page having only one panel, so it gave it some heft. It was black and white, which made it cost as much as a normal paperback. There were a couple racked with the graphic novels at the bookstore, but the majority were racked with the other CSI novelizations and with Collins' other novels. Is there any way to find out how well these are doing?

Because, man, these would be great for airports and grocery stores. Being able to read a thriller completely during your flight or whatever, and they could be racked right next to similar books like Ludlum's Bourne books.

I'm obviously interested, as I'm working on a GN similar in tone to these sorts of novels, and that'd be a great market to exploit, if it is indeed viable.


Someone on condition of anonymity sent me Bookscan numbers.

CSI: Serial --- ytd 191, ly 1074
CSI: Bad Rap --- ytd 160, ly 618
CSI: Dominoes -- ytd 228

So... not enough to support a book in and of itself, but maybe with the direct market thrown in it wold all work out. -- Tom