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Alan David Doane on Nat Gertler on Wishing the Industry Would Die
posted August 23, 2005

Alan David Doane
Via The Internet

"Obviously, Alan David Doane hates the comics industry."

And people thought Paul O'Brien's column was misunderstood.

I do hate the part of the industry that actively and with racism, misogyny and prideful ignorance excludes women, children, and non-superhero "fans" from participating in a storytelling medium with limitless possibilities, yes, I do. If those stores were only ten percent of the industry, there'd be no problem. The problem is, the vast majority of "comics shops" are indeed superhero-only he-man woman-hater clubs, which is why the artform is finding new and interesting ways around this vile "industry" of yours, infiltrating libraries and real, clean, well-lit bookstores with comics that appeal to everyone.

I hate the comics industry, and I love comics. If that bothers you, Nat, make a better comics industry, or shut up.