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Todd Allen on Alan David Doane as Self-Parody
posted August 25, 2005

Todd Allen
Via The Internet

Over the years, I've come full circle from being disgusted with Doane's often questionable grasp of what he talks about (the recent Elite Comics goof being a reasonable example of such things), to finding amusement in him.

Much as I've heard artists talk about buying Liefeld books to chuckle at the proportions and panel continuity, I now read Doane's hyperbole-laden rants and just laugh at them.

There is always a possibility he's purposefully obtuse, looking to stir up controversy (or in the jargon of Usenet, "trolling" for a fight). It would explain a number of things.

Still, fussing over one of Doane's rants is very close to a waste of time. Arguing with a brick wall seldom accomplishes much (besides producing the odd knee-slapper like Doane ridiculing the wrong comic shops).

(Incidentally, where did this business about gays being a driving force behind manga sales come from? Was that just another hyperbolic Doane-ism, linking up the buying habits of teenage girls with gay men, or is there some actual data with that? Apologies if there happens to be a documented demographic correlation there, it just struck me as out of the blue.)