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Rob Schamberger on Martin Nodell on the Occasion of his 90th Birthday
posted November 15, 2005

Rob Schamberger

I met Mr. Nodell for the first time at a convention here in Kansas City back in 1993, where the show organizers had brought in quite a few Golden Age artists, including Shelly Moldoff, Craig Flessel and Dick Sprang. I was thirteen at the time, and man, my eyes were full of wonder meeting these guys.

I remember that every one of them were ecstatic that someone as young as I was had such a knowledge of their individual careers (except Mr. Flessel, and I made up for that by talking with him for a good hour, which was an amazing experience of its own). Mr. Nodell in particular was a great guy, and gave me a couple of prints, which I still proudly treasure. I was already making my own comic books back then, and Mr. Nodell seemed as interested in my work as I was in his, which for a thirteen year old was a thrill and a half.

I've ran into him a couple of times since, and it’s been great each time. It's cool how proud he is of Green Lantern, sixty-odd years later, and that the character was created for kids. I imagine it was a delight for him to see kids still enjoying his work, decades later.