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Michael Netzer On His Recent Birthday
posted October 12, 2006

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Thanks, Tom, for the birthday wishes at TCR.

I spent the day in Tel Aviv for a resounding turnaround to a 25 year comics exile in Israel -- as guest of the Icon Sci-Fi Festival. Israel's version of 5,000 Star Trek fanatics having a convention.

The festival featured the world premiere of the documentary film from Top Two Three Films, Adventures into Digital Comics. I gave an interview for the film last year, published at their website.

The co-producer and also guest of the festival, Robert Nichols was over at our home on Sunday for dinner and the next day I had the treat of finally seeing this marvelous documentary about comics creators and their future in the web. Excellent film that also holds a charm and appeal to non comics audiences.

The guest of honor is Neil Gaiman, so I had another colleague to chat with for a while about our Lady Justice semi-collaboration a decade ago -- and other sundry things... until 250 of his fans converged upon him to sign their books and we had to postpone the conversation. All in all a very seminal turning point for comics activity in this part of the world.

Thanks again, your wishes are perfect icing on the cake.