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April 28, 2010

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked


By Tom Spurgeon

* do you hear little voices singing...? Although I haven't seen official word, it looks like NBM will be republishing the Smurf material through their Papercutz imprint at the smaller size they use for the Donjon reprints. I think the original material is strong kids work, and I've seen certain children latch onto it in a scary way, so it'll be nice to have that material out there again. Jog comments.

* maybe the biggest news of the week for adult readers arrived in my inbox 20 minutes after last week's "Bundled" posted: Ruben Bolling has taken his Tom, The Dancing Bug to Boing Boing. TTDB was dropped in ignominious fashion by long-time primary web home Salon for financial reasons. That's a good match, and I hope Boing Boing's on-line heft will provide greater exposure to Bolling's long-run comic. That's a panel from the feature, above.

image* a bunch of stuff was launched recently over a convention weekend that feature Stumptown in Portland, Oregon, and SPACE in Columbus. Jim Rugg was in the American Midwest moving copies of his Rambo 3.5, and you can pick it up at future show as described in this link. Many of the fine works on long list of mini-comics and related material from Profanity Hill is likely still available. This post describes the books that Sparkplug Comic Book saw debut at the Portland show, starting but not ending with Julia Gfrorer's Flesh and Bone and the free anthology Dope Flounder.

* the comics news web site Broken Frontier has launched The Frontiersman, a comics magazine billed as the "first mobile comics magazine." If I were a better writer I could manage something here about Mark Waid throwing issues of Amazing Heroes at the interns, but I'm not so I won't.

* Brigid Alverson has news of a new Tokyopop license: Chibi-Vampire Airmail. There's some other stuff about another maybe-license that I frankly didn't understand in the time allotted.

* I don't know the site well enough to be able to tell you the difference between a blogger and a columnist, but Hooded Utilitarian has apparently either added or changed the status of four writers: Erica Friedman (Okazu), Matthias Wivel (Metabunker), Domingos Isabelinho (The Crib Sheet) and somebody apparently named "kinukitty."

* among the comics-related projects trying to raise money through the Kickstarter project include Ryan Alexander Tanner's The Portrait Project, Leticia Silva's Into The Shadow, Kody Chamberlain's Sweets, and a Reading With Pictures project. I don't like the idea of for a lot of reasons, but that's an essay for another day and it's too popular an option for a slew of publishing projects for me to continue to ignore it here.

* Thom Zahler has taken his Love & Capes to IDW.

* finally, the convention may have come and gone, another successful flash on a calendar crowded with light bulbs big and small, but the FLUKE anthology lives on. You can find out more about it starting here.

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