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August 21, 2012

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked


By Tom Spurgeon

* hey, good news from Seattle as Fantagraphics plans to do the above Ken Parille-edited book on Dan Clowes in early 2013. Ken Parille's stuff is routinely pretty great. If I didn't like that guy, I wouldn't like that guy at all. Here's the description:
A wide-ranging introduction to the work of one of the most important living cartoonists, The Daniel Clowes Reader features Ghost World, Clowes' celebrated graphic novel about the complex friendship of two teenage girls. It includes stories -- some reprinted for the first time -- about boys coming of age, troubled superheroes, and the roles that artists and critics play in popular culture. The volume also features Clowes' influential manifesto, Modern Cartoonist. The Reader's dozen critical essays illuminate Clowes' comics by analyzing them within biographical, artistic, and social-historical contexts, including the indie/DIY movement, Gen-X philosophy, and the history of American cartooning. Each comic is accompanied by an introduction and extensive annotations that shed light on Clowes' sources and cultural references. A biography of the cartoonist, a detailed chronology of his work, and selections by artists and musicians who influenced his art round out the collection.
Count me in.

image* hey, they're bringing Scene Of The Crime back into print. This brings us one step closer to the day when one can do all of one's holiday shopping in Ed Brubaker comics. I like the original comics, but I know most people prefer books, so a new one will likely reach a lot more people.

* I'm going to end up being that weird guy who had all Betamax movies in 1996, only with the comic book format, aren't I?

* so Spider-Man is getting a sidekick...? I totally missed that one. Is this like that episode of Buffy, The Vampire Slayer where Danny Strong's character is suddenly dominating the credits?

* Colleen Doran and Neil Gaiman are collaborating on a book for Dark Horse.

* Brian Wood promises to write more viking comics. Well, all right.

* Joe Keatinge talks straight about price increases on the Glory comic he's doing. I like the way that comic looks; it's really weird design-wise and pacing wise. I'm not sure quite where it's going, but the narrative is really stately right now so I'm not sure I can asses the title more generally.

* this link will take you to a way to download a PDF from a book examining Doctor Who in comics form.

* so I guess Journey Into Mystery will continue with the character Sif, featuring the writing of Kathryn Immonen and the artwork of Valerio Schiti. I liked Immonen's take on that company's Hellcat character. Marvel's used their titles like Journey Into Mystery to pretty good effect both in terms of developing/using talent and developing/using characters. I don't think there's really anything wrong with their general editorial instincts other than that they're not so awesome as to vault them past the majority of their structural issues right now.

* Brigid Alverson rounds up reactions to the announcement that The Dandy is ending its print iteration.

* I'm unfamiliar with this comic here, but it just ended. Congratulations to the the creator. This site really needs to get its act together vis-a-vis comics on-line.

* Butcher Baker Righteous Maker is apparently done.

* the good folks over at The Beat ran a big, long list of forthcoming books from DC Comics. This makes that list of liquidated books from about a week ago make a lot more sense than any conclusion jumped to by my paranoid ass. They need the shelf space.

* something is going on in those comics I can't think about without laughing because one of them is actually called Ultimate Comics Ultimates.

* finally, you can track progress on a new Monster anthology issue here.

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