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December 6, 2011

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked


By Tom Spurgeon


* I totally missed this Tracy Hurren post on Matthew Forsythe's forthcoming Jinchalo over at D+Q. That book will be out early in the new year.

image* is there anything out there right now more heartbreaking and beautiful-sounding than a book of illustrations that Ronald Searle made for his late wife every time she got through another round of chemotherapy?

* Emily Carroll to Simon And Schuster.

* Jeffrey Renaud comments about the rumors of a Watchmen 2 via a takeaway from a recent interview with the artist Darwyn Cooke. I like the idea of Watchmen 2 because it's so wrong in a lot of ways it's sort of compelling, like a lot of what Marvel's done well with their line over the last ten years but much, much bigger and much, much uglier.

* Deb Aoki previews 2012 in manga.

* that fun Geof Darrow drawing of Superman hanging out with a crazy cat lady that wasn't published as a cover will be published in a forthcoming trade, Sean T. Collins notes.

* hey, there's apparently going to be new Evan Dorkin Dork! strips in forthcoming issues of Dark Horse Presents.

* Steve Rude's annual sketchbook is for sale. That's always a nice little publication.

* I was wondering out loud the other day if that book Dave Sim's Last Girlfriend was ever coming out. Turns out it is, and had landed at BOOM! without my realizing it.

* Chalk And Cheese joins Team Cul-De-Sac.

* Todd Allen notes that massive numbers of Marvel's Essential imprint -- that's their cheap, tons-of-pages, black and white collection line -- have gone out of print for the holidays. As Allen notes, this is a likely outcome from Marvel's general policy of keeping costs done by not keeping a portion of their trades reliably in print.

* finally, the guys at the webcomic Ace Kilroy sent a very nice e-mail asking that I maybe take notice of their strip and so I have.



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