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March 18, 2014

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked: Publishing News


By Tom Spurgeon

* Nina Bunjevac released what she called a final cover image for her forthcoming Fatherland to her pals on Facebook recently; she discusses the book more generally here. That won't be out for a while, but don't let that stop you from inquiring about rights or generally anticipating the work ahead of its arrival.

image* great news to hear about new Ryan Cecil Smith that one can order. Smith is one of the more interesting younger cartoonists out there, and the space stuff he's been doing is really, really fun.

* they're up to six printings on Sex Criminals #1, and that's where they're going to cap it. That's a lot of comics sold. I'm not sure what the conventional wisdom is these days over how long you keep an individual comic book in print and how long before you let that go out of print and trust people will start buying the trade. That trade drops next month.

* a collection of Shaky Kane Deadline strips is astoundingly good news.

* DC is apparently going to do a bunch of cheesecake-style "bombshell covers," which manages to sound a bit sad both in terms of being unappealing to some female readers and just kind of seeming old. They do a pretty good job of excecuting some weird ideas, though, and it's still a market that wants to be told what's important to buy, so I think there's a good chance it will succeed despite those negatives. If nothing else, it should be a nice break from the usual "story moment" approach.

* look at this beautiful triptych going into deluxe edition of the forthcoming Kim Deitch work from Chance Press.

* Zainab Akhtar notes the release date on the English-language version of the next Blacksad, called Blacksad: Amarillo.

* I am worried about Wolverine. Not that they'll kill him -- I don't care about that, and I think they've done it a few times. I'm scared that the character has been in so many titles over so many years that there's just not a lot you can do with him that provides a clean break from past work and feels like it's true to what they've established.

* here's the cover to Dirty Diamonds #5.

image* SelfMadeHero announced they'll be doing the British release for Bryan Lee O'Malley's much-anticipated Seconds. That seems like quite the catch for SMH and a logical home for the book, which is a pretty thin and desirable overlap to hit.

* the hobby business news and analysis site has a post up about Michael Hague's first periodical comics project, Eye Of Newt. Hague is a well-known fantasy illustrator.

* so apparently they're rebooting Captain Canuck. I'm guessing they're not going nostalgic and sweet.

* a digital-only series starring the TV Batman and Green Hornet sounds like a good publishing idea.

* Matt Bors spreads the good word about the publishing good citizenry of Pando Quarterly. You can't get a copy, but it's still good news!

* Fantagraphics revealed the cover to their second Virgil Partch book, Cork High And Bottle Deep. It's hard to keep up with all the covers they release this way, but I quite like this Steve Ditko cover, and I'm just happy these Roy Crane Buz Sawyer books exist at all. I know I've discussed the paperback Peanuts books here, but I think this is our first extended look at one.

* CBR reminds us that the Geoff Johns/JR JR collaboration on one of the Superman books begins in June. That should be fun, although I remember similar anticipation for a Scott Snyder/Jim Lee run on the character, and I couldn't tell you off the top of my head if that went past one issue. Generating buzz and sustaining buzz are two different tasks, and the former is probably easier in a world that sells anticipation of entertainment as much as it does actual entertainment.

* finally, NBM has announced that they'll be doing a fourth book in the Louvre-sponsored comics series, this one by Enki Bilal to be called Phantoms Of The Louvre here in North America.

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