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August 7, 2014

By Request Extra: Jesse Reklaw Kickstarting LOVF


The artist and cartoonist Jesse Reklaw is running a crowd-funder to help with the final stages of publication of his next book with Fantagraphics, LOVF. That's a book done in this ultra-colorful style he's been publicly presenting for a few years now, and is a work I'd really like to see make it to completion. I thought Couch Tag was strong. A bunch of pages from the new work are up and can be seen through the above link.

I was a little confused initially because that's definitely still a Fantagraphics book -- I checked -- so I believe this is a see-it-to-its-completion fundraiser, like the Lasky/Young campaign run to help finish Carter Family. The first day got Reklaw most of the way there, but still has a few dollars to raise. It's a modest initial goal.
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