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December 17, 2013

By Request Extra: Various Folks In Need Of Funding

By Tom Spurgeon

* efforts to help Stan Sakai as he attempts to make up a home healthcare insurance gap remain ongoing. Please note the CAPS paypal button is working again. Sakai is one of the great, classy pros out there and I hope you'll consider helping him out.

image* if you have a favorite artist and some extra cash it's worth a reminder that a lot of creative people are doing holiday sales and most of them are doing it for the reason they could use the extra money -- not in a desperate way, but in the way that making art isn't always all that secure a profession, and certainly not for as much as we get from a lot of those people. One artist just brought to my attention doing a sale right now is Joëlle Jones. Two other cartoonists with self-directed sales I've been tracking this holiday season are Gabby Schulz and Tony Millionaire. There are a ton more.

* I'm told this cartoonist is having a sale for the specific purpose of replacing a stolen laptop. That would be a nice thing for you to do, plus the comics look pretty cool.

* as I mentioned yesterday, the other basic advice I have for right is to maybe not count on any artist being able to fulfill orders at this point; some even suspend sales around this time so as not to disappoint or so as to better reflect time away from the studio and/or the piles of things being sold.

* it also might be a good day to make a trip around the established charitable comics Internet as detailed by scrolling down to #59 here.

* the Sequential Artists Workshop is seeking a few thousand dollars in support of its 2014 programs. That one has a ton of time left, but it still feels to me like it's underperforming a bit, so please check it out. That money will be well-spent.

* finally, as will be the case this entire month, Dan Nadel continues his 50 percent off sale at PictureBox as that company winds down the front-list part of its admirable life. There is so much great material there, so if you're looking for a gift for yourself or for the hardcore art-comics fan in your life, have at it.
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